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F-Theta lenses made for laser material processing

Powerful and robust lenses for the high demands of your laser beam guidance system

Lasers are optimal tools for processing materials quickly and efficiently. For example, either metal or plastic can be drilled, cut, engraved, structured or marked using lasers. Our high-performance F-Theta lenses can be used for specific areas of application or laser types and offer optimum beam quality, high precision and robust design.

Jenoptik F-Theta objective lenses

Jenoptik has especially developed F-Theta JENarTM lenses for micromaterial processing that requires medium and high laser outputs. They are available for wavelengths ranging from 355 to 1080 nm. For applications requiring high-power and short-pulse lasers, our full quartz F-Theta lenses are the suitable choice. They are available in wavelengths from 266 to 1100 nm. With the new JENarTM APTAlineTM series, we can offer lenses that are optimally tailored to customer requirements. The high-power quartz glass lenses offer a cost-optimized solution for demanding applications where reliability, series stability and durability are important. They are available in wavelengths from 355 to 1080 nm.

Extremely robust

Low-contaminating mounting technologies, no adhesives and lubricants, clean room assembly


Thanks to high-performance optical design


Quickly and easily integrate components into any existing system

Customer specific

Available as a standardized solution or can be adapted to your individual requirements


FEM analyses of optical assemblies monitor thermal and mechanical stress to save money

Series stability

Extensive testing ensures interchangeability in the field

F-Theta JENar® lenses for wavelengths from 355 to 1080 nm

F Theta standard group of lenses

The F-Theta JENar® lenses are suitable for uses in micromaterial processing, especially for microstructuring or for marking and labeling different materials.

The JENar® series is used for laser wavelengths in the UV, VIS or IR range, but they are also available for wavelengths from 355 to 1080 nm. The standard lenses are produced with protective glass and are extremely durable.

These lenses can be quickly and easily integrated into any system using the available STEP files. Each lens undergoes a standardized application-specific test, which ensures consistency of the optical properties during series production. This makes it easy to replace lenses, and customer benefit from an increased product lifecycle.

Technical data and downloads
LensOrder numberWavelengthData sheetStep dataZemax dataBack reflections
JENar®102-515...540-75017700-202-26515...540 nmDB*-202-26STP*-202-26ZIP*-202-26PDF*-202-26
JENar®108-515...540-75017700-203-26515...540 nmDB*-203-26STP*-203-26ZIP*-203-26PDF*-203-26
JENar®100-515...540-90017700-209-26515...540 nmDB*-209-26STP*-209-26ZIP*-209-26PDF*-209-26
JENar®170-515...540-160017700-206-26515...540 nmDB*-206-26STP*-206-26ZIP*-206-26PDF*-206-26
JENar®255-515...540-233017700-205-26515...540 nmDB*-205-26STP*-205-26ZIP*-205-26PDF*-205-26
JENar®330-515...540-347017700-208-26515...540 nmDB*-208-26STP*-208-26ZIP*-208-26PDF*-208-26
JENar®420-515...540-420017700-207-26515...540 nmDB*-207-26STP*-207-26ZIP*-207-26PDF*-207-26
JENar®100-1030...1080-93017700-024-261030...1080 nmDB*-024-26STP*-024-26ZIP*-024-26PDF*-024-26
JENar®125-1030...1080-80017700-003-261030...1080 nmDB*-003-26STP*-003-26ZIP*-003-26PDF*-003-26
JENar®125-1030...1080-80 + VIS1)6019261030...1080 nmDB 601926STP 601926ZIP 601926PDF 601926
017700-019-261030...1080 nmDB*-019-26STP*-019-26ZIP*-019-26PDF*-019-26
JENar®160-1030...1080-170 + VIS1)6019141030...1080 nmDB 601914STP 601914ZIP 601914PDF 601914
JENar®170-1030...1080-170017700-018-261030...1080 nmDB*-018-26STP*-018-26ZIP*-018-26PDF*-018-26
JENar®255-1030...1080-239017700-017-261030...1080 nmDB*-017-26STP*-017-26ZIP*-017-26PDF*-017-26
JENar®255-1030...1080-239 + VIS1)6019481030...1080 nmDB 601948STP 601948ZIP 601948PDF 601948
017700-009-261030...1080 nmDB*-009-26STP*-009-26ZIP*-009-26
017700-022-261030...1080 nm
6096611030...1080 nmDB* 609661STP* 609661ZIP* 609661PDF 609661
017700-021-261030...1080 nmDB*-021-26STP*-021-26ZIP*-021-26PDF*-021-26

Optimized for micromaterial processing

High-quality F-Theta lenses from Jenoptik deliver precise and continuously reliable results – whether in standard applications or for specific, demanding laser tasks.
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High-power F-Theta JENar™ APTAline™ objective lenses

Meets the requirements of a wide range of applications and focuses on the essentials

F-Theta JENar APTAline IR lens

F-Theta JENar® APTAline® serie

With the new JENar® APTAline® series, we offer lenses that are optimally tailored to customers' requirements. This means that we respond to the constantly changing requirements of the industry and increase the possible range of applications with the APTAline® series.

These quartz glass, high-power lenses offer a cost-optimized alternative for demanding applications where reliability, series stability and durability count. They are available for wavelengths of 1030...1080 nm. The APTAline® lenses are based on proven mechanical and optical designs and are subject to the same high-quality standards as our other F-Theta products.

Technical data and downloads
LensOrder numberWave lengthData sheetStep dataZemax dataBack reflections
JENar®APTAline® 160-1030...1080-110-AL 689620*1030...1080 nmDB 689620STP 689620ZIP 689620PDF 689620
JENar®APTAline® 255-1030...1080-160-AL689622*1030...1080 nmDB 689622STP 689622ZIP 689622PDF 689622
JENar®APTAline® 161-1030...1080-71-AL679781*1030...1080 nmDB 679781STP 679781ZIP 679781PDF 679781
*available soon; please contact us for delivery time information

Always with an eye on the market

Thanks to our proximity to the customer, the market and industry applications, we have aligned and expanded our product portfolio in laser material processing to meet evolving requirements.
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High-power F-Theta JENar™ Silverline™ objective lenses

F-Theta JENar® Silverline™ objective lenses for wavelengths from 355 to 1080 nm

F-Theta new Silverline objective lens group

SilverlineTM F-Theta lenses from Jenoptik have been specially developed for applications that require high-power lasers and short-term pulses. These lenses consist of low-absorbing, full quartz glass to offer particularly high laser power. They are available for wavelengths of 266 nm, 355 nm, 1030...1080 nm or 900...1100 nm.

The SilverlineTM F-Theta lenses limit diffraction and produce a high image quality. They are also highly resistant to damage and provide high spot consistency over the entire scanning range. With beam power of up to four kilowatts, the SilverlineTM lenses do not require active cooling and guarantee a minimal focal point shift for high-power lasers.

Specifically, the SilverlineTM F-Theta lens 170-355-140 covers the 355 nm range. It has a low maximum telecentric angle of only 4.9 degrees and a homogeneous spot size distribution over a working field of 100 x 100 mm. This large working field combined with diffraction-limiting imaging quality enables increased output in comparison to conventional lenses ensured by our innovative, patented mounting technology.

Technical data and downloads
LensOrder numberWave lengthData sheetStep dataZemax dataBack reflections
JENar®SilverlineTM 160-1030...1080-110017700-025-261030...1080 nmDB-025-26STP-025-26ZIP-025-26PDF-025-26
JENar®SilverlineTM 161-1030...1080-71 - NEW660149
1030...1080 nm
DB 660149STP 660149ZIP 660149PDF 660149
JENar®SilverlineTM 255-1030...1080-160017700-026-261030...1080 nmDB-026-26STP-026-26ZIP-026-26PDF-026-26
JENar®SilverlineTM 423-1030...1080-3606091201030...1080 nmDB 609120STP 609120ZIP 609120PDF 609120
JENar®SilverlineTM 160-900...1100-1101)601787900...1100 nmDB 601787STP 601787ZIP 601787PDF 601787
JENar®SilverlineTM 255-900...1100-1601)601804900...1100 nmDB 601804STP 601804ZIP 601804PDF 601804
JENar®SilverlineTM 423-900...1100-3601)628951900...1100 nmDB 628951STP 628951ZIP 628951PDF 628951
JENar®SilverlineTM 115-515...540-71624103515...540 nm
DB 624103STP 624103ZIP 624103PDF 624103
JENar®SilverlineTM 163-515...540-92 - NEW659612515...540 nmDB 659612STP 659612ZIP 659612PDF 659612
JENar®SilverlineTM 55-355-21605678355 nmDB 605678STP 605678ZIP 605678PDF 605678
JENar®SilverlineTM 103-355-71017700-402-26355 nmDB-402-26STP-402-26ZIP-402-26PDF-402-26
JENar®SilverlineTM 125-355-75628956355 nmDB 628956STP 628956ZIP 628956PDF 628956
JENar®SilverlineTM 510-355-431017700-405-26355 nmDB-405-26STP-405-26ZIP-405-26PDF-405-26
JENar®SilverlineTM 255-355-240017700-406-26355 nmDB-406-26STP-406-26ZIP-406-26PDF-406-26
JENar®SilverlineTM 170-355-140586840355 nmDB 586840STP 586840ZIP 586840PDF 586840
JENar®SilverlineTM 103-266-71017700-601-26266 nmDB-601-26STP-601-26ZIP-601-26PDF-601-26

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