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Sustainability targets for Jenoptik

Jenoptik is actively committed to greater sustainability and has set various non-financial targets, some of which are taken into account in the executive remuneration. Our Group financing is also geared towards these goals.

We are particularly focused on the following topics:

More green electricity

Proportion of green electricity by 2025
(as of 2022: 85.4%)

Fewer emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions until 2025
(as of 2022: -35.9%)

More innovation

Vitality Index by 2025
(as of 2022: 23.7%)

More diversity

Diversity rate by 2025
(as of 2022: 30.6%)

Greater supply chain visibility

CSR by 2025
(as of 2022: 51.4%)

Increase the proportion of green electricity

By increasing the proportion of green electricity at our main production sites to 75% by 2025, we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions and contribute to greater environmental protection.

Reduction of our CO2 emissions

By 2025, we want to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent, or around 3,000 tons of CO2 in total. The savings include direct emissions that Jenoptik releases itself (Scope I) and indirect emissions from purchased energy (Scope II).

Increasing competitiveness through successful and sustainable innovations

As a high-tech company, we want to increase the sales share with new products, the Vitality Index, to attain 22% by 2025.

More diversity within the company

We signed the Diversity Charter and want to increase the diversity rate, i.e., increase the proportion of women in management and international managers in the company to 33% by 2025.

More transparency in the supply chain to ensure the protection of human rights and the environment

By 2025, the Corporate Responsibility Rate should be at least 50% and thus the same rate of our suppliers should have completed a self-assessment.

Green finance: sustainability in group financing

Sustainability is also playing an increasing role in the capital market and more and more investors are investing their money in sustainable investments.

In spring 2021, Jenoptik placed a new promissory note loan of over 400 million eyros with sustainability components – in the form of concretely verifiable targets for the environment (green electricity rate), social aspects (diversity of managers) and governance (sustainability in the supply chain).

If all three targets are reached, Jenoptik receives a small amount of interest; conversely, a penalty must be borne if less than two of the three targets are achieved. A “win-win-win” for investors, companies and the environment, so to speak. The attractive conditions reflect the very good creditworthiness of the Jenoptik Group, and the capital measures enable Jenoptik to continue to provide a very solid, long-term and broad financing base.

The successful placement of 400 million euros – twice as much as originally planned – reflects the high level of confidence investors have in Jenoptik.

In addition, Jenoptik refinanced its revolving syndicated loan in December 2021 and aligned it with the Group’s ESG goals. With a term of five years and the loan volume increased from 230 to 400 million, it has been possible to secure additional financing options at attractive conditions in the long term. The term can be extended twice by one year each (5+1+1) and the volume increased to 600 million euros if necessary.

Complete overview of our sustainability goals