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Jenoptik Produces Sophisticated Optical Systems

Jenoptik stands for new ideas, absolute precision, reliability and speed. Use our modern optical systems to secure success in your applications.

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Jenoptik produces sophisticated optics and optical systems: Our business centers on shaped and guided light — from lens systems for nanometer-precision chip structures through to optoelectronic assemblies for medical diagnostics. Our products are used in digital microscope cameras and for complex laser optics.

Nowhere have so many milestones been set in the world of precision optics as in the city of Jena, Germany — and this trend is showing no sign of slowing down. Jenoptik boasts a globally unique product portfolio of classic optics, microoptics, polymer optics, optoelectronics and digital imaging.

As a leading provider of optics, we take advantage of these synergies. In addition to high-quality optical components, we also manufacture and develop integrated optical modules and systems that perfectly match your applications.

Optical Technologies for Highly Specialized Applications

Jenoptik covers the entire optical and optoelectronic process chain. From beam generation and shaping through to the electronics, software and integration of these optical systems: We modify all parameters specifically to your requirements, making you even more competitive.

We continuously seek to expand, network, enhance and improve our technologies and processes. This enables us to offer key optical technologies that can be used successfully in the most diverse and challenging markets.

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