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Driving future smart mobility and public safety

Getting closer to vision zero and seeing the bigger picture: Jenoptik supports law enforcement agencies worldwide with intelligent camera solutions for public safety.

Driving Road Safety & Security


Innovating public safety since 1934.



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% reduction of speed violations (on avg. after speed camera installation)

Jenoptik is the right partner for you.

  • Artificial intelligence: Better results with faster processes.
  • Single source: Jenoptik designs and delivers both software and hardware.
  • Customized and flexible: Mobile and fixed solutions customizable to meet agency needs.
  • Effective: Positively impacting driver behavior for a safer community.
  • Easy to use: All-in-one unit, quick to install, configure and operate.
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Driving smart mobility and public safety with intelligent camera solutions.

Making roads and communities smarter, safer, greener and more efficient.

Jenoptik is a global leader in road safety, smart transportation and civil security. We serve our customers by providing innovative solutions to make mobility safer and easier. For road safety, we provide state-of-the-art photo enforcement technology to positively impact driver behavior and enhance the safety on our roads. These include speed and red light cameras as well as many other enforcement applications. Our technology also helps roadway operators to manage traffic flow, emissions, congestion and tolls. Our ALPR solutions are applied worldwide for various applications such as protecting borders, public places, and combating crime. As cities become smarter and mobility becomes more autonomous and connected, Jenoptik contributes to make future mobility smarter, safer, greener and more efficient.

Full range of technology solutions increasing public safety

  • Speed Enforcement (school zones, tunnels, motorways, cities)
  • Redlight Enforcement
  • Intersection safety
  • Infrastructure protection (bridges)
  • Green Zones with Emission Control
  • Road User Charging
  • Parking Monitoring
  • Preventing and combating crime
  • Protecting public places
  • Hotlist alerts
  • Border Security
  • Campus Safety
  • Access Control
  • Investigation tools

Proof of performance

Belgium: Real-time ALPR alerts secure Europe’s second largest port

Increasing public safety in europe’s strategic ports

Project in belgium

Project fact file

  • Customer: Engie Fabricom
  • Objective: Increased security and mobility in Ghent and Antwerp
  • Task: Continuous automatic number plate recognition and efficient data evaluation
  • Project period: From 2014

Real-time alerts from ALPR cameras secure Europe’s second largest port

The Belgian company Engie Fabricom is using ALPR cameras from Jenoptik to increase security in Ghent and Antwerp. The two major cities of Ghent and Antwerp in Belgium have particularly high traffic volumes making public safety vital here. Antwerp, Europe's second largest port, is also tasked with registering vehicles arriving by ferry or transporting cargo to and from ships. Jenoptik's ALPR technology system enables the number plates of moving vehicles to be recorded using a network of powerful cameras and precision analysis software.

Project implementation

Jenoptik built and configured many VECTOR ALPR cameras for the Belgian company Engie Fabricom: 38 in Ghent, 70 in Antwerp and 54 in the port of Antwerp. Two high-resolution camera modules with integrated infrared illumination guarantee high capture rates delivering high-quality images even on completely dark roads. Personnel are then able to efficiently evaluate recorded data and, for example, identify in real time vehicles arriving or departing from a location.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik has acquired years of experience and in-depth expertise from working on a multitude of international projects. More than 30,000 systems and approx. 10,000 ALPR cameras worldwide are providing high-resolution results. Our equipment is quick to integrate into existing networks and easy to operate. Maintenance is simple and operation cost-efficient.

Germany: Road User Charging solutions support one of the world’s largest toll systems

Road User Charging on secondary federal roads for trucks

Road User Charging

Project fact file

  • Customer: German Federal Enterprise for Truck Tolling
  • Objective: Support one of the largest toll systems in the world with automated solutions for truck toll collection on secondary federal roads.
  • Task: Deliver automated and customized solution for truck toll enforcement on federal roads, including 24/7 operation and coverage for more than 40,000 kilometers of roads in both directions with more than 600 road user charging towers.
  • Project period: 24 months

Smart picture processing and sensor-fusion support one of the world’s largest toll systems

For the enforcement of truck tolls on secondary federal roads in Germany, a gantry-less solution with small physical footprint and little demanding roadworks was developed in cooperation with the customer. This solution delivers highly reliable capture rates and a low total cost of ownership.

Project implementation

600 road user charging towers were equipped with smart picture processing and sensor-fusion, including DSRC and video capture and axle-base classification. Based on its unique sensor-fusion solution and deep learning, the Jenoptik Road User Charging solutions achieve the highest industry KPIs for detection, measurement and classification of vehicles.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik is a highly reliable technology partner with an extensive experience in intelligent traffic applications based on the integration of different sensor technologies. Jenoptik has delivered over 30,000 systems worldwide for applications in traffic law enforcement, public safety and environmental control or combinations of these.

Kuwait: Superior road safety thanks to the combined average and spot speed camera systems on the world´s longest sea bridge

Long-term partnership for road safety eg. on the world’s longest sea bridge

Project fact file

  • Customer: Kuwait Ministery of Interior
  • Objective: Monitoring and improving security and road safety in Kuwait, through the use of the latest enforcement technologies.
  • Task: Delivery and installation of various traffic law enforcement and civil security systems for diverse projects
  • Project period: Continous partnership with multi-phase rollout periods over many years.

Jenoptik traffic enforcement systems save lives: Fewer accidents thanks to speed enforcement systems.

Kuwait is one of the first Arab countries to have a highly developed road network. However, accidents are high due to speeding and other traffic violations. Kuwait's Ministry of the Interior of Kuwait has therefore been tasked with improving public safety by lowering traffic accidents. The team monitors traffic and documents speeding offences so road users arrive safely at their destinations.

Best practice in Kuwait

Project implementation

Jenoptik has been a long-term partner to the Kuwait Ministery of Interior to help improve traffic safety. For example, our experts delivered and installed 100 TraffiTower 2.0, 40 non-invasive measuring systems and 120 external flash units within just six months. The traffic cameras and measuring systems are extremely precise, reliable and effective.

For Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge, the longest sea bridge in the world and a very prestigious and strategic project, Jenoptik delivered a sophisticted road safety system combining average and spot speed cameras to ensure the highest possible level of traffic safety. The system is further able to classify all vehicles using the bridge and to apply relevant speed limits to the corresponding vehicle class.

Kuwait is also cooperating with Jenoptik to prevent traffic congestion and accident black spots by using the installed network and an advanced traffic strategy to increase public safety.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik is a long-term partner with full scale software, product and sensor technology portfolio and professional support to address different project requirements. Jenoptik provides long-term support to increase traffic safety on multi-lane roads and at busy junctions. Jenoptik specialists have years of experience and expertise to professionally implement projects from start to completion. They design, make and deliver high-quality systems for red light and speed enforcement. Public safety and road safety have been improved significantly through a holistic approach.

Lithuania: Increased road safety and civil security with speed enforcement and ALPR

Two-in-one system for public safety and traffic control

Project fact file

  • Customer: Lithuanian Road Administration
  • Objective: Increase public safety and simultaneously enforce speed limits.
  • Task: Combine speed enforcement measurement systems and number plate recognition cameras and integrate them into the existing police infrastructure.
  • Realisation period: 12 months

Unique concept for the Lithuanian Road Administration to increase public safety while enforcing speed limits.

The Lithuanian Road Administration are tasked with ensuring roads in Lithuania remain safe. This means its personnel strive to prevent traffic accidents caused by speeding. They also ensure that police can promptly identify and prosecute criminal offences. This requires high-resolution number plate recognition cameras and reliable speed enforcement measuring systems.

Project implementation

Flexible, practical and innovative: Jenoptik combines advanced speed enforcement technologies and automatic number plate recognition in single units. These unique systems then simultaneously meet the needs of different areas. They are able to document speeding offences, identify vehicles wanted by the police, determine a vehicle's current insurance and statutory inspection status – and support the fight against organised crime. Software processes the data in real time enabling local police to act instantly. All systems are easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure and are intuitive to operate.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Specialist expertise, years of project experience and innovative products. Jenoptik makes, delivers and installs traffic enforcement systems tailored to specific needs. The measuring systems and high-resolution number plate recognition cameras are extremely accurate. Captured data is processed in real time to enable instant responses and to foresee and prevent crime. More than 30,000 systems and approx. 10,000 number plate recognition cameras continue to impress our project partners worldwide.

Norway: Securing 2,600 km of Norwegian borders with ALPR cameras and back office solutions

ALPR solution for border control along 2,600 km

Border security project in norway

Project fact file

  • Customer: Norwegian Customs Service
  • Objective: Support and simplify the daily tasks of Norwegian Customs Service, Norwegian Police and Norwegian Public Roads Administration for more efficient public safety.
  • Task: ALPR-based traffic monitoring on approx. 2,600 km of borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia.
  • Project period: 2019 – 2020

Securing 2,600 km of Norwegian borders

The Norwegian Customs Service tendered for a centralised back office and some 400 ALPR cameras to monitor border traffic on approximately 2,600 km of borders with neighbouring Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Customs Service is sharing some of the system’s camera data with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian Police Service.

Project implementation

Jenoptik provided 400 ALPR cameras with centralised Back Office to share relevant data between the authorities. The camera data will support and simplify the daily tasks of all three authorities. The ALPR camera roll-out was started after commissioning of the back office in 2019.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik offered proven global expertise with ALPR technology and Back Office solutions, combined with local support of a Norwegian system integrator. The automation will speed-up and ease the daily work of all three authorities, increasing efficiency and synergies by centralised data processing, thus increasing public safety.

Scotland: Average speed enforcement improves driver behavior to 99% speed compliance

Europe’s longest average speed enforcement scheme

Project in Scotland

Project fact file

  • Customer: Transport Scotland
  • Objective: Manage safety and traffic flows on the A9, the „spine of Scotland“, and A90 between Dundee and Aberdeen
  • Task: Delivery of SPECS3 VECTOR average speed enforcement cameras with back office function
  • Realisation period: 12 to 18 months

Improving driver behavior to 99% speed compliance

The A90 is a key part of the Scottish trunk road network, typically carrying around 23,000 vehicles each day. 30 SPECS3 VECTOR cameras, 30 passively safe columns, and 30 IR lighting columns were installed to monitor vehicle speeds along the route, covering a total of 80 km (50 miles). On A9, SPECS3 average speed enforcement cameras have been installed on a stretch of even 220 km (140 miles), making it Europe’s longest speed enforcement scheme.

Project implementation

Following a comprehensive review of the route, Transport Scotland identified that an average speed camera system would help to improve the safety performance of the A9 and A90 by encouraging better driver behavior and improved levels of speed limit compliance. Transport Scotland also looked for the scheme to deliver a number of public safety benefits including reducing incident frequency and impact while also improving journey time reliability.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

The installation of average speed cameras was able to positively influence driver behavior addressing the issues very efficiently and sustainably. The figures speak for themselves: the speed limit of 70 mph (approx. 112 km/h) is now adhered to by 99 percent of drivers over the entire stretch – in contrast to only 40 percent before the installation. Only one in 5,000 vehicles now drives more than 10 mph (16 km/h) over the speed limit – down from one in five before. This also increased public safety by significantly reducing the number of accidents and injuries.

Canada: 40 percent reduction of traffic accidents with red light enforcement systems

Red light monitoring in Toronto and Ontario

Project fact file

  • Customer: City of Toronto and other Ontario districts
  • Objective: Increase traffic safety in Toronto and Greater Ontario
  • Task: Installation and operation of more than 300 stationary systems for red light enforcement
  • Project period: From 2006

40 percent reduction on traffic accidents

Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of 2.6 million. Multi-lane roads, complex junction layouts and heavy traffic mean a high risk of accidents. Reliable systems for red light enforcement help increase traffic safety and public safety. Cameras automatically process data to accurately detect red light violations. The complete solution for red light enforcement from Jenoptik has resulted in 40 percent fewer traffic accidents in Toronto and its surrounding districts.

Project implementation

Jenoptik has been involved in the investment, installation and operation of red light systems for the City of Toronto and other districts in Ontario for more than 15 years. A professional service team guarantees high system availability as well as the secure transmission and processing of traffic violation data. More than 300 stationary systems capture red light violations on two sequential photos to provide indisputable evidence of traffic offences. High-resolution cameras are able to capture up to four lanes of traffic simultaneously and deliver high-quality images – day and night thanks to external flash units. Jenoptik's in-house TraffiDesk™ Pro software enables highly efficient data evaluation.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik has developed a complete solution by applying core competencies from the areas of optical technology, scalable software, operation and service. Its specialists have therefore been able to deliver a reliable, robust and innovative traffic enforcement system. The efficient TraffiDesk™ Pro software evaluates captured information in real time while conserving resources. Since the start of the project, accident rates at traffic junctions using red light enforcement has fallen by 40 percent. The project with Jenoptik has therefore been extended with a doubling of the number of traffic cameras to increase public safety.

United Kingdom: Quick identification and prevention of crime with ALPR solutions

Jenoptik supports Metropolitan Police Service in Greater London District

Project for metropolitan police

Project fact file

  • Customer: Metropolitan Police Service
  • Objective: Support the Metropolitan Police Service in Greater London district with ALPR solution to increase public safety
  • Task: Manage data input from thousands of ANPR cameras, and supply hundreds of VECTOR ALPR cameras, including those used for average speed
  • Project period: 12 months

Quickly identifying and preventing crime with ALPR solutions

Jenoptik’s ALPR systems are helping the Metropolitan Police in Greater London to deploy their resources effectively, and to identify crime and terrorism quickly. To effectively police it requires a network of ALPR cameras and software enabling fast, reliable and effective data storage and evaluation, to locate and track suspect vehicles in real time to help prevent crime.

Project implementation

Thanks to Jenoptik, the Metropolitan Police in the UK now has access to data from thousands of ALPR cameras in real time. The system can process more than 60 million number plates per day to detect and track suspect vehicle, thus effectively increasing public safety.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

VECTOR cameras from Jenoptik have high capture rates, high-resolution image quality and analyse data in real time. Suspect vehicles can be reliably identified and movement patterns promptly detected. In the UK alone, our experts have already installed more than 3,000 devices. Customers benefit from Jenoptik’s experience, gained from working on international projects over many years.

United States: Making school zones safer in New York city area

Extensive speed monitoring program for school zones in New York City

Speed monitoring project in New York

Project fact file

  • Customer: Local Partner delivering to New York City Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Objective: Increase traffic safety in School Zones in New York City Area
  • Task: Delivery of more than 1.400 stationary systems for speed enforcement
  • Project period: 2020-2021

27 percent reduction in road fatalities

New York City is the largest city in the United States with a population of 8.8 million. Multi-lane roads, complex junction layouts and heavy traffic lead to a high risk of road accidents. Therefore, NYC implemented Vision Zero as citywide initiative to eliminate death and serious injuries from traffic incidents in 2013 and launched an extensive Speed Camera program in order to support Vision Zero. Throughout a six-year period (2014-2019), road fatalities dropped by 26 %, pedestrian fatalities by even 27%. In 2019, the New York State Legislature granted NYC DOT the authority to expand and enhance its schools-based speed camera program from 140 locations to 1.400. Thus, New York City has the largest automated enforcement program in the United States, and one of the largest in the world.

Technology supply

Jenoptik has delivered the technology for all NYC speed cameras to our local partner within just one year. This custom-made solution with high-resolution cameras captures up to four lanes of traffic simultaneously and delivers high-quality images – day and night thanks to external flash units.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik has developed a complete and custom-made solution by applying core competencies from extensive experience in many traffic law enforcement projects worldwide that perfectly fit the customer’s requirements.

Wales: Average speed monitoring tackles roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations

Efficient roadside emission control

Project fact file

  • Customer: Welsh Government
  • Objective: Supporting Welsh Government supplemental plan to the UK plan for tackling roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations
  • Task: Delivery of SPECS3 VECTOR average speed enforcement cameras for four out of five focus routes
  • Realisation period: 12 to 18 months

Jenoptik’s SPECS average speed cameras tackle roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations and improve public safety in Wales

Throughout Europe, many regions are currently failing to meet the EU's air quality targets. Governments are therefore coming under increasing pressure to meet European air quality limits. New ways to reduce emissions are essential and therefore welcome in many places.

Project implementation

In 2018, five roads in Wales were identified where vehicle emissions have a direct impact on air quality because NO2 concentrations are above the limit of 40 μg/m3 (EU Ambient Air Quality Directive (2008/50/EC). To improve the situation, the speed limit was initially reduced to 80 km/h (50mph). The prerequisite for the success of such a measure is to maintain the prescribed speed. Many drivers had ignored the speed limit and the hoped-for positive effect had failed to materialize. Since 2019, four routes have been equipped with SPECS average speed cameras to monitor vehicle speeds along the routes. On the fifth route, variable speed limits were already in place and were monitored using spot speed measurements.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

In March 2020 a report was published which provides an updated summary of the NO2 concentrations recorded at the five sites on the motorway and trunk road network. According to the report the average speeds are below 50mph and compliance has improved. The trend is decreasing for annual concentrations of NO2 at all 5 sites, showing the measures implemented and supported by Jenoptik technology are effective in reducing emissions and improving public safety.

Australia: State-of-the-art technology helps Western Australian Police to save lives by increasing road safety

Safety-as-a-Service for increasing general road safety in Western Australia

Project for wetsern australia police

Project fact file

  • Customer: Western Australia Police Force
  • Objective: Reduce speed related accidents and increase general road and public safety
  • Task: Design, production, installation and continuous servicing of 14 fixed laser-based speed systems in TraffiTower housing as part of a larger road safety program
  • Project period: Since 2016 for 7 years with possible extension of up to 4 more years

State-of-the-art technology from Jenoptik helps to save lives

Jenoptik has been a strategic partner for the Western Australian Police Force since 2016 for the provision of technology to increase road safety across the state. The combination of modern design and latest technology provides the look of a smart city committed to public safety and and contributes to a reduction of speed related accidents.

Project implementation

The overall road safety project in Western Australia is based on a broad approach. Jenoptik supplied a wide range of systems for fixed and mobile speed enforcement, average speed and red light enforcement. Design, production, installation and service of these systems is part of the delivery scope.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

In addition to being a reliable technology and service provider, Jenoptik‘s team of experts is working closely together with the customer and by giving valuable advice, achieving a partnership based on trust. The technology is provided within a Safety-as-a-Service contract. Jenoptik successfully contributes to the road safety program in Western Australia.

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