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Industrial Equipment and Mechanical Engineering: High-Tech Products for Global Use

Our systems deliver maximum quality and precision in the fields of industrial equipment and mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most innovative sectors of German industry, triggering re-industrialization in many regions. Jenoptik brings together a wealth technological expertise to deliver high-tech equipment that is "Made in Germany." That's why we offer a wide range of components, products and systems for the fields of industrial equipment and mechanical engineering.

In the areas of metrology and laser material processing, we deliver individual modules or complete systems that are precisely tailored to your needs. They allow you to optimize your production processes while ensuring that your workpieces consistently meet the highest quality standards. Our high-quality microscope cameras, LED lights and photo diodes are also perfect for use in mechanical engineering or industrial equipment. Our environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems remove pollutants and aerosols from your production halls without leaving any residue.

All components are extremely robust and can easily withstand the harsh production conditions of industrial environments. Our global service team is also on hand to assist you around the clock. The team performs rapid and reliable maintenance and repair of your systems, helping you to avoid unnecessary downtimes and export delays, and ensuring sustainable cost savings.

Exhaust Air Purification System

Exhaust air purification systems eliminate pollutants from exhaust gas flows in industrial environments.

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Solid State Lasers

Solid-state lasers are highly precise, efficient and reliable.

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Laser Machines

Use laser machines from Jenoptik to process a wide variety of materials for the highest-quality results.

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Laser Distance Sensors

Measure and monitor distances and positions - fast, accurate, and an in non-contact fashion.

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Dimensional Metrology

Dimensional metrology monitors the quality of your workpieces using three different measuring methods.

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Optical Measuring Systems

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Roughness and Contour Measurement

Measure the roughness and contours of your components in a single probe step or in separate measurement runs.

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In-Process Metrology

In-process metrology enables you to significantly increase the quality of your manufacturing results.

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LED lighting

The best possible illumination of large halls

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Thermography cameras

Radiometric thermography cameras for mobile and stationary temperature measurement with highest precision

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Microscope cameras

High-resolution cameras for micro- and macroscopic applications

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Customized Objective Lenses

Customized and standardized optics solutions

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Precision Optical Components

Precision optical and microoptical components made from a variety of optical materials

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Improve the quality of optical components and protect your surfaces

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Photodiodes and LEDs

Numerous applications in various spectral ranges

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Industrial Metrology


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