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Data analysis software: Targeted processing and evaluation of license plate data

TraffiData analysis software evaluates license plate data in real time and is generating easy to read reports to increase civil security worldwide.

Targeted processing and evaluation of license plate data helps law enforcement agencies around the world to increase civil security. ALPR cameras continuously record vehicle license plates while TraffiData analysis software filters and clearly displays the required information. From the huge amount of ALPR data, personnel on the ground can then automatically obtain the information they need, saving on costs and resources.

TraffiData analysis software also uses sophisticated algorithms to identify patterns, e.g. two or more vehicles frequently seen driving together, quickly identifying potential threats. TraffiData can help to provide an indication of where a vehicle may travel next, based on previous patterns and behaviors. Filters can also be set to alert authorities when a vehicle is detected within a specific area, helping to protect high-risk locations such as connecting roads, city centers, airports, critical infrastructures and public buildings.

ALPR data analysis using TraffiData takes place in real time so law enforcement agencies are always up to date, enabling quick crime detection and prevention. Data failing to return hits when compared against hotlists is deleted immediately or after a specified period, complying with legal requirements.

Jenoptik’s experts are able to provide advice on civil security, having gained years of experience working on international projects. For more information about our ALPR data analysis software, talk to one of our Account Managers.


  • Effective: TraffiData reliably manages and analyzes huge amounts of ALPR data.
  • Up-to-date: Data analysis takes place in real time, giving the law enforcement agencies access to the very latest information.
  • Versatile: The exact information relevant for the investigation can be obtained from the analysis by using a range of filters.
  • Easy to read: Vital information in the reports can be seen instantly.
  • Data protection compliant: TraffiData analysis software complies with legal requirements.
  • Saves costs: Highly advanced data analysis software saves time and resources.
  • Individualised: Jenoptik's experts customize products and services to meet the precise needs of customers.


  • Civil security: Big data management using TraffiData helps law enforcement agencies to quickly combat and prevent crime.
  • Access control: Checking entry bans and transit bans.

Products for data analysis software

TraffiData analysis software

Analysing data: Automatic license plate recognition using TraffiData

Professional big data management: TraffiData analysis software evaluates ALPR data in real time and automatically reports suspect vehicles.

Reliable big data management is the basis for effective automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies. VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik generate several million data records every day. TraffiData analysis software stores and processes this information in real time, compares the results against hotlists and automatically reports suspect vehicles. If hotlist comparisons do not return hits, TraffiData analysis software either deletes the data immediately or uses it only for analysis for a specified period, complying with legal and data protection requirements.

The data analysis software enables detailed knowledge to be gained about suspect vehicles. Filters can be used to reconstruct routes, links to other vehicles and movement patterns. TraffiData creates easy to read reports enabling users to instantly comprehend the information. Users can also decide the conditions under which vehicles should be reported, e.g. when approaching a specific building or exiting an area. Law enforcement agencies can then manage risks, systematically combat organized crime, and be highly effective at increasing civil security.

Benefits of TraffiData

  • Reliable: TraffiData analysis software processes huge amounts of data securely and effectively.
  • Fast: ALPR data is processed and analysed in real time.
  • Targeted: Filters can be customized to meet the exact needs of law enforcement agencies.
  • Data protection compliant: The software complies with legal requirements.
  • Saves resource: Highly advanced analysis software saves on personnel time and costs.

Applications of TraffiData

  • Civil security: Big data management using TraffiData helps law enforcement agencies do their work more easily.
  • Access control: Checking entry bans and transit bans.

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