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Identify, monitor and intercept suspect vehicles

Jenoptik’s automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) enables you to create criminal profiles and movement patterns of suspect vehicles.

Vehicles have a key role in organized crime and are frequently used as a means of transport or escape from criminal activities. ALPR technology helps law enforcement and security agencies to quickly identify and monitor suspect vehicles, by enabling crime prevention and increasing civil security.

Powerful ALPR cameras combined with advanced analysis software are designed to filter out suspects from millions of other vehicles. ALPR data is processed and analysed in real time, and the software is able to compare license plates against existing hotlists. When a search returns a hit, like a stolen vehicle or a vehicle with false plates, the law enforcement and security agencies are automatically alerted. Filters can then be used to reconstruct movement patterns, departure points and links to other vehicles. Law enforcement and security agencies can then create criminal profiles and identify suspect behaviour, enabling them to determine where a suspect vehicle is located, and effectively pursue and prevent crime.


  • Targeted: When suspect vehicles are identified, the law enforcement agencies are alerted instantly.
  • Fast: ALPR data is processed and analysed in real time.
  • Powerful: ALPR cameras have high read rates, and the software easily handles large volumes of data.
  • Efficient: Streamlined use of personnel and resources with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Trusted: ALPR cameras are proven in international projects around the world.


  • Civil security: Law enforcement agencies are able to quickly identify suspect vehicles.

Products for monitoring suspect vehicles

VECTOR² automatic license plate recognition camera

VECTOR² cameras: Identifying suspect vehicles

Use Jenoptik’s powerful automatic license plate recognition to promptly detect suspect vehicles and prevent crime.

Jenoptik’s VECTOR² ALPR cameras automatically record license plates, enabling law enforcement agencies to identify suspect vehicles quickly. Networking multiple VECTOR² cameras enables continuous monitoring of busy and strategically important traffic points such as borders, bridges, tunnels and harbours. Civil security can also be increased in public places such as city centres, government buildings, airports, hospitals, universities and tourist attractions.

When a suspect vehicle passes a VECTOR² camera, the license plate is recorded. TraffiData software processes the ALPR data in real time and evaluates it using different filters. TraffiData is able to compare data against police hotlists, so if a car is stolen or false plates are detected, the relevant law enforcement agency is instantly alerted about the vehicles whereabouts at that precise moment. Vehicles can then be pursued, crimes successfully solved and prevented.


  • Powerful: VECTOR² ALPR cameras reliably capture license plates of all passing vehicles.
  • Compatible: A network of VECTOR² cameras can be placed at multiple locations, with data being transmitted to data centers in real time.
  • Saves on resources: ALPR technology saves on personnel time and costs.
  • Efficient: Law enforcement and security agencies get an overview of the relevant information.
  • Durable and reliable: VECTOR² cameras have proven themselves in applications worldwide.


  • Identifying suspect vehicles: Law enforcement and security agencies are using VECTOR² cameras to automatically record license plates and increase civil security.

TraffiMobile automatic license plate recognition

TraffiMobile: Continuous recording of suspect vehicles

Use Jenoptik's powerful, mobile ALPR cameras to cover gaps in your camera network.

In contrast to the stationary VECTOR² cameras, TraffiMobile can be used at locations where fixed installations aren’t possible, or where ALPR is required only temporarily, e.g. at major events or important political conferences. Law enforcement agencies can then fully monitor whole areas and identify any suspect vehicles.

TraffiMobile can be installed inside vehicles as well as on tripods, enabling law enforcement personnel to flexibly deploy the ALPR cameras and changing locations at any time. ALPR data is automatically transferred, and processed and evaluated in real time by TraffiData analysis software. TraffiData can use the ALPR data acquired by TraffiMobile to compare license plates against police hotlists, alerting those responsible when, for example, stolen vehicles or false plates are detected. Extra traffic surveillance helps to increase civil security.


  • Flexible: TraffiMobile can be used for mobile use in vehicles or on tripods.
  • Targeted: Law enforcement agencies can deploy TraffiMobile precisely where the solution is needed.
  • Comprehensive: TraffiMobile closes the gaps in your ALPR network.
  • Saves costs: TraffiMobile saves on installation and operational costs at locations where only temporary license plate recording is required.
  • Individualised: Our experts consult on where and how to best use TraffiMobile according to individual requirements.


  • Identifying suspect vehicles: Law enforcement agencies are flexibly deploying TraffiMobile to ensure complete ALPR coverage.

TraffiData analysis software

TraffiData analysis software: Data analysis targeted at crime

TraffiData analysis software automatically identifies suspect vehicles in real time by using police hotlists and filters.

TraffiData software saves law enforcement and security agencies time and personnel costs in combating organized crime. TraffiData is capable of managing, processing and analyzing huge amounts of ALPR data. Data analysis takes place in real time enabling suspect vehicles to be precisely located and tracked.

TraffiData software compares license plates recorded by the cameras against hotlists from police databases. If stolen vehicles or false plates are detected, the responsible law enforcement and security agencies are automatically alerted. The software also issues alerts when vehicles act suspiciously, e.g. two similar cars driving one behind the other (in convoy) over several days, along roads and near important buildings. Individual filters can then be used to reconstruct movement patterns, departure points and links to other vehicles. TraffiData enables big data management to effectively pursue and prevent crime and increase civil security.


  • Fast:TraffiData software processes huge amounts of ALPR data and evaluates the information in real time.
  • Efficient: Law enforcement and security agencies can instantly identify suspect vehicles and systematically pursue crime.
  • Compatible: TraffiData can easily connect to interfaces.
  • Customized: By using filters, TraffiData displays only the information that is relevant to you.
  • Secure: TraffiData has proven itself in international projects over many years.


  • Identifying suspect vehicles: TraffiData analysis software systematically evaluates huge amounts of ALPR data and alerts law enforcement and security agencies of suspected organized crime.

Increase public safety by using intelligent solutions from Jenoptik

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