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Customized and Standardized Objective Lenses from Jenoptik — the Perfect Optics Solution

Jenoptik offers customized and standardized objective lenses or optics, adapted precisely to your diverse and highly complex applications — helping you to secure sustainable success.

You can benefit from our extensive expertise and range of services. We can provide you with the complete chain of technology from one source — from development to design and production through to system integration. Right from the outset, Jenoptik finds the perfect balance between standard products and special developments, contributing to your long-term success — and saving your time and money.

Taking this approach, our specialists and engineers have very successfully developed many customized objective lenses, which are manufactured in large quantities today.

Go forward into the future with us: We will analyze your technical requirements, work with you and create an optics solution optimally tailored to your needs!


  • Leading manufacturer: Our experts and engineers have many years of experience in the development of customized products
  • Customized: Available as a standard selection or perfectly adapted to your individual requirements
  • Closed technology chain: We support you from the design stage to prototype and series production
  • Tested: All our optics and objective lenses are tested under mutually agreed test conditions
  • High-precision: Optimized to deliver the level of precision required in the relevant industry
  • High-performance: Sophisticated and robust technology

Fields of Application

  • Microelectronics: E.g. micro structuring of glass
  • Semiconductor industry: E.g. micromachining, marking of semiconductor chips
  • Automotive industry: E.g. cutting and structuring of composites, industrial production of components, multi-functional items for driver assistance systems
  • Medical technology: E.g. objective lenses for beam focusing and deflection, objective lenses for use in ophthalmology, for tissue removal in therapeutic applications, wide-angle objective lenses for endoscopy
  • Defense and security technology: E.g. image recording and target identification with cost-efficient cameras or objective lenses
  • Consumer area: Cost-efficient objective lenses
  • Research: Multispectral imaging
  • Biotechnology: Objective lenses for parallel analysis technologies, lighting objective lenses, collimation and beam expansion in the VIS range, fluorescence objective lenses for interpreting DNA information
  • Lighting and energy
  • Optical metrology

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