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Infrared Objective Lenses from Jenoptik – Optimum Adaptation to Existing Systems

Our infrared objective lenses deliver crystal-clear thermal images and accurate measurements.

Infrared objective lens (IR lens)
The infrared objective lenses from Jenoptik operate with great security and reliability in the spectral range from 3 to 14 micrometers. We offer both simple fixed-focus objective lenses and complex optoelectronic-mechanical modules. Our experts can also produce infrared objective lenses tailored to your individual requirements. The objective lenses are developed and designed specifically for your needs and adapted to your existing systems. They are thus able to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses and survive in harsh environmental conditions.

We regularly test our infrared objective lenses in production environments, enabling us to guarantee maximum performance and precision. Our objective lenses also meet the strict requirements of the DIN ISO and MIL standards. You will benefit from our years of experience and our comprehensive service. We will support you in all phases, ranging from planning and prototype manufacture to series production and system integration.


  • Stable: performance remains unaffected by temperature fluctuations
  • Tough: resistant to mechanical and thermal stress
  • Standard-compliant: compliant with the DIN ISO and MIL standards
  • Comprehensive service: our experts will support you with everything from conception and planning to production and system integration
  • Customer-specific: adapted to your individual systems

Fields of Application

  • Medical technology: patient and anesthesia monitoring
  • Environmental technology: analysis of greenhouse gases and biogas, emission monitoring
  • Security technology: building management and monitoring using thermal imaging devices and flame detection
  • Industry: process control and security technology
  • Fire department:

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