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Solid-state laser rangefinders: Compact design, long range

Thanks to their long measuring range and high speed of up to 15 Hertz, the ELEM modules can measure objects quickly and accurately, even at very long distances.

With the solid-state laser rangefinder modules from the ELEM range, you can measure non-cooperative targets and objects at distances of up to 60 kilometers. The compact and robust modules can be integrated into stationary and mobile systems, such as fire-control-systems of military ground vehicles or air defense systems, with ease.

Our ELEM devices use 1.54 µm Erbium:glass solid-state lasers and are eye-safe in compliance with laser class 1M. The pulsed measuring beam of the ELEM modules is invisible to night vision devices based on image intensifier technology.

Thanks to their high repetition rate, the laser rangefinders can reliably measure objects traveling at high speeds – also from moving vehicles and platforms. Even when operated in extreme temperature conditions, the devices deliver fast and accurate results, increasing your safety by enabling you to respond immediately to any threats.

Standard interfaces and compact and lightweight design make it easy to integrate the ELEM laser rangefinders into your existing systems and platforms. As well as excellent measuring performance, the devices also offer a particularly low rate of power consumption.

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  • Long range: The laser rangefinders accurately and reliably measure and track objects at distances of up to 40 kilometers.
  • Compact: Weights of just 0.9 kg or 1.6 kg enable small and lightweight system solutions.
  • Fast and safe: High measuring rates makes it possible to respond more quickly to threats.
  • Reliable: The ELEM modules work reliably even at extreme temperatures and under high mechanical stress.
  • Efficient: The modules offer very low power consumption, due to an optimized heat management system and efficient laser sources.
  • Easy to integrate: The compact, lightweight construction and standard interfaces make it easy to integrate the devices into your equipment and systems.

Fields of application

  • Manufacturers of sensor platforms: Multi sensor platforms for ground vehicles, aircraft or vessels, long-range observation and border control systems.
  • Manufacturers of fire-control-systems: For air defense, and against slow or stationary targets; remote-controlled defense systems.

ELEM10K - flashlamp-pumped

ELEM laser rangefinder module

ELEM10k - narrow shape, 1 Hz/40 km - Rangefinder

The ELEM10k laser rangefinder measures distances of non-cooperative targets within a rage of typically more than 10 kilometers. The module is equipped with a flashlamp-pumped Erbium:glass solid-state laser. The ELEM10k is designed to be easily integrated into observation systems and multi-sensor platforms.

Technical data (selection)
Total measuring range:39.999 m
Maximum measuring rate:1 Hz
Accuracy:< 5 m
Laser:flashlamp-pumped Erbium:glass solid-state laser
Laser class:1M
Weight:≤ 940 g
Special features:Multiple target detection, 5 targets, 20 m target discrimination

ELEM-DP 50E - diode-pumped

ELEM-DP 10k rangefinder module

ELEM-DP 50E - efficient 15 Hz/60 km - Rangefinder

Thanks to the high efficiency of its diode-pumped Erbium:glass solid-state laser, the ELEM-DP 50E laser rangefinder module offers a continuously high pulse repetition rate up to 15 Hz. This feature makes this compact laser rangefinder ideal for measuring or tracking distances to fast-moving objects such as aircrafts.
Technical data (selection)
Total measuring range:60.000 m
Maximum measuring rate:15 Hz
Accuracy:< 3 m
Laser:diode-pumped Erbium:glass solid-state laser
Laser class:1M
Weight:≤ 1.600 g
Special features:Multiple target detection, 5 targets, 20 m target discrimination

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