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Diode laser rangefinder: Extremely compact modules for integration into portable systems

The diode laser rangefinder modules (DLEM) from Jenoptik measure distances to targets precisely and with a range of up to 20 kilometres. With their extremely compact design and low weight of 25 to 160 grams, the devices in the DLEM family are the smallest and lightest measuring devices in their range class. They are very efficient and consume little energy in stand-by and operating mode. This makes them perfect for integration into mobile and hand-held systems, for example portable observation devices.

The modules work with 1.5 micrometre diode lasers and are eye-safe. The wavelength used is neither visible to the human eye nor to residual light amplifiers. The devices are therefore predestined for tactical use. The laser rangefinders measure a wide variety of targets extremely precisely and very quickly - even in poor visibility and under extreme temperatures.

The devices of the DLEM series from Jenoptik have the same communication interface. This allows you to use the control software for your devices across all models.


  • Robust: High shock resistance and wide operating temperature range
  • Compact: Extremely light and small design of customer solutions possible
  • Durable: Low failure rates and high MTBF reduce overall costs for the integrator
  • Energy-saving: Low power consumption conserves battery and thus extends operating times
  • Continuous measurement: Tracking of targets thanks to continuous distance measurement at up to 25 Hz
  • Symmetrical beam divergence: Eliminates the need for a preferred mounting position and increases integration flexibility
  • Technologically mature: More than 40 years of experience in the development of laser rangefinders from Jenoptik


  • Observation systems
  • Sensor boxes for vehicles, ships and aircrafts
  • Target optics
  • Fire control systems
  • Satellites and space applications

Laser rangefinders from Jenoptik

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