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Laser Distance Meters: Proven technology for measuring distances and positions

Our laser distance meters provide you with various measuring techniques for the precise measurement of distances of up to three kilometers.

Laser Distance Sensors for long measuring ranges and millimeter accuracy

Distance meters or rangefinders are a popular application for laser technology. These laser sensors use laser light (pulsed or continuously modulated) to measure geometric distances, heights, lengths, levels and positions in a non-contact process. To achieve this, all the components work together in a perfectly coordinated overall system. This system is made up of a laser, the transmitter and receiver optics, the sensitive photo diodes and sophisticated electronics and algorithms for time or phase measurement.

We draw on various optoelectronic principles for our measuring devices, such as time-of-flight, phase comparison and the pulse back-mixing method. These individual methods allow measurements accurate to the millimeter, and measuring ranges up to several hundred meters.

Using our laser distance sensors or laser distance meter, you can measure on natural surfaces or reflectors and obtain fast and precise results. The laser distance meters operate using visible or invisible laser radiation and are rated as eye safe in compliance with laser class 1 or 2.

The compact construction means you can easily install the laser distance meter in industrial applications. All of the devices offer common standard interfaces, analog or digital data output, and parameterizable switching outputs.

Besides laser distance meters for industrial applications we also offer extremely compact and high-performance laser distance meters ("laser rangefinder" based on diode- or solid-state lasers) for deployment in defense and security technology.

Laser distance sensors for industrial applications and Laser Distance Meters for defense and security:

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