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Laser Distance Sensors for long measuring ranges and millimeter accuracy

Proven technology for measuring distances and positions – ready to integrate in industrial applications.

Objective Lenses and Beam Expanders

Laser Distance Sensors

Jenoptik laser distance sensors monitor or measure distances or object lengths, provide positional location, and determine fill levels from a few centimeters up to three kilometers in a non-contact fashion. These distances are measured with an accuracy of up to one millimeter and at a output rate of several thousand readings per second. The measured object can be a solid, energy absorbing or radiating hot body. Especially measurements on natural surfaces with low reflectivity are also possible. The laser distance sensors even can measure distances to or from moving objects.

The industry-proof housing with compact footprint and industry standard interface options make the laser distances sensors ideal for integration into your automation and process control systems. The distance sensors are available with RS-232, RS-422, Profibus, or SSI interfaces and bus systems. Along with digital switching and analog output the sensors easily adapt into automation environments. The ruggedized housing with integrated heating enables installation where needed – even in harsh industrial environments.

LDM7x series

  • up to 40 kHz measurement rate
  • up to 270 meter measurement range
  • operating temperature between -40 °C and +60 °C
  • pulse-mixing-method

LDS30 series

  • up to 30 kHz measurement frequency
  • up to 30 meter measurement range on surfaces with 10 % reflectance
  • extremely compact, lightweight, case-hardened housing
  • resistant to impact and shock associated with industrial applications
  • time-of-flight method

LDM301 series

  • up to 3000 meter measuring range
  • EMI-hardened housing, O-ring-sealed
  • water and abrasion resistant for use in harsh environments
  • measuring moving objects with a reflectance of 6 % at distances of 200 meter

LDM4x series

  • up to 150 meter measurement range
  • up to a few millimeters accuracy
  • up to 50 hertz measurement rate
  • measures 30 meter distances on natural surfaces with millimeter precision
  • phase comparison method

Choose a Laser Distance Sensor that matches your requirements:

LDM71 laser distance sensor series – ideal for scanning systems

LDM7x Series


The laser distance sensors of the LDM71 series are designed for measurements of moving targets. The sensor is characterized by a high output frequency of up to 40 kilohertz. Typically, the distance sensor is used to detect objects in industrial automation or for monitoring defined areas in transport and logistics applications. The compact laser distance sensor is offered as a ready-to-use device with industry standard IP67 proof housing. For OEM partners we offer this sensor as LDM72 series laser distance sensor module for integration into customer-specific sensor and automation systems.

Technical facts

Invisible measuring beam:
905 nm
Measuring reflective surfaces with 10% reflectivity:
70 m
Measuring range on special targets:
270 m
Measuring accuracy:
60 mm / 100 mm (for ranges 1 m ... 70 m)
Measuring frequency:Up to 40 kHz
Eye safe:Class 1 laser
Weight:140 g
Interface options:
RS-232, RS-422
Power supply:From 10 VDC to 30 VDC
Measuring functions (excerpt):
User-specific parameterization, switching outputs


LDS30 laser distance sensor series – compact and fast

Jenoptik LDS30 Laser Distance Sensor


The compact LDS30 series distance sensors measure distances to natural surfaces of low reflectance with measurement frequencies of 30 kHz. The LDS30 laser distance sensor uses the time-of-flight method and operates with an eye-safe class 1 laser (wavelength 905 nm) to achieve a range of 30 m for surfaces with 10% reflectance. In conjunction with reflective surfaces or special targets this range may be increased to distances of up to 250 meters. The extremely compact, lightweight, and case-hardened chassis makes the LDS30 series laser distance sensor resistant to normal impact and shock associated with industrial applications. The chassis design also make the LDS30 series sensors impervious to dust infiltration and moisture impregnation (IP67 / NEMA 6).

Technical facts

Invisible measuring beam:
905 nm
Measuring range natural surfaces 10% reflectivity:
30 m
Measuring range on special targets:250 m
Measuring accuracy:60 mm
Measuring frequency:Up to 30 kHz (binary output)
Eye safe:Class 1 laser
Weight:125 g
Interface options:
RS-232, RS-422
Power supply:
From 10 VDC to 30 VDC
Power consumption:Max. 3 W
Measuring functions (excerpt):User-specific parameterization, switching outputs, trigger


LDM301 laser distance sensor series – fast measurement of long distances

LDM301 Series


The laser distance sensors of the LDM301 series use a measured time-of-flight principle to measure distances of 300 m for natural surfaces and 3,000 m for reflective surfaces. The fast time-of-flight method with an output frequency of 10 kHz enables object speed measurement. The LDM301 series laser distance sensors is specifically built to measure distances with high precision for surfaces of low reflectance (e. g. asphalt, grass, oxidized steel and aluminum). The distance sensors have proven themselves in the field by measuring moving objects with a reflectance of 6% at distances of 200 meters, especially important for ship docking procedures.

Technical facts

Invisible measuring beam:
905 nm
Laser divergence options:
1.7 mrad or 10 mrad
Red pilot laser, red, class 2 laser
Measuring range natural surfaces:
300 m
Measuring range on special targets:3,000 m
Measuring accuracy:60 mm
Measuring frequency:2 kHz or 10 kHz
Eye safe:Class 1 laser
Weight:800 g
Interface options:
RS-232, RS-422, SSI, profibus DP-V0, analog
Power supply:From 10 VDC to 30 VDC
Measuring functions (excerpt):User-specific parameterization, switchable outputs, trigger, synchronization


LDM4x laser distance sensor series – precise and proven workhorse

LDM Laser Distance Sensor


The LDM4x series laser distance sensors measure distances of up to 150 meters, at output rates of up to 50 Hz. The ability to measure with accuracy of a few millimeters within this range is realized by the proven phase comparison method. The red laser beam provides visual confirmation, helps with alignment and targeting. Within a range of 30 m, the LDM4x laser distance sensor is capable of measuring with millimeter precision on natural surfaces. The sensor measures distances without contacting the measured surface, thus eliminating wear and associated errors. Jenoptik’s LDM4x series features a case hardened chassis that is seal from the environment in order to keep dust, water spray, and the weather out of the optical systems. The LDM4x laser distance sensor may be configured with internal heating to increase the operating temperature range to -40 °C … +50 °C.

Technical facts

Visible measuring beam:
650 nm
Measurement range natural surfaces:
30 m
Measuring on special targets:150 m
Measuring accuracy:Up to 1 mm
Measuring frequency:Up to 50 Hz
Eye safe:Class 2 laser
Weight:760 g
Interface options:
RS-232, RS-422, SSI, Profibus DP-V0
Heating:Yes (optional)
Power supply:
From 10 VDC to 30 VDC
Measurement functions (excerpt):User-specific parameterization, switchable outputs, trigger, synchronization



  • Powerful and fast: measure distances of up to three kilometers with up to 40 kilohertz.
  • Flexible: measure on natural surfaces, either moving or stationary, radiating hot or cold.
  • Precise and efficient: measure with almost millimeter accuracy and in a non-wearing, non-contact fashion.
  • Reliable and robust: dependable use in a wide range of harsh industrial environments.
  • Easy to integrate: simple to install thanks to standard interfaces and compact design.


  • Automation: level measurement, process control
  • Industrial metrology: non-contact distance, length, and height measurement
  • Transport and logistics, conveyor technology: distance and height measurement, vehicle detection, collision avoidance
  • Steel production and rolling mills: process control, detection, position measurement and thickness measurement for slabs
  • Scanning systems: fast distance measurement

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