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Border security: ALPR for real time field intelligence

VECTOR² cameras and TraffiData enable border patrol agents to detect remote crossings and checkpoint avoidance.

Law enforcement agencies use automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) for border security. With the VECTOR² camera and TraffiData solutions, Jenoptik can assist agencies to quickly identify persons and vehicles of interest which can help safeguard borders. Many countries already use Jenoptik's advanced technology to combat organized crime and terrorism.

Border security: Combating the Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs)

Criminals frequently utilize a remote portion of the border to smuggle drugs, run bulk cash and traffic humans. Our solutions can detect the license plate (VECTOR² and TraffiData) of every vehicle allowing authorities to investigate criminal activities. Hotlist alerts can automatically be generated within seconds enabling law enforcement agents to respond immediately.

ALPR data that doesn’t return any hits against hotlists is deleted either immediately or after a specified time. The TraffiData software therefore complies with data protection regulations and strictly adheres to legal requirements.

Arrest by appointment – Intercept Report

With today’s advancements in innovation and technology, it is possible to enable border patrol agents to be proactive and take accurate measurements and actions to fight Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs).

The “Intercept Report” from Jenoptik’s TraffiData software gives the agent the location, day and time the vehicle of interest is more likely to be at to make an arrest with a higher level of confidence.

TraffiData is the Back Office Facility (BOF) software that enables agents to Capture, Analyze and Act by providing powerful analytical insights to improve situational awareness. TraffiData, through existing cameras, studies the behavioral movement of the vehicles. Utilizing the “Intercept Report”, the software can predict with high confidence the exact location, day of the week and time a vehicle of interest most likely to be there. This enables the agent to show up at such location minutes before the vehicle passes and make the arrest.

With the “Intercept Report” from Jenoptik, it is possible to make an arrest by appointment.


  • Fast: Alerts agents of a hotlist sighting within seconds enabling them to take proactive measures.
  • Reliable: VECTOR² cameras deliver high-resolution images with high read accuracy and capture rate.
  • Easy to use: VECTOR² cameras is an all-in-one unit and software can quickly be installed, configured and operated.
  • Durable: VECTOR² cameras are robust and built to withstand harsh environments.
  • Big Data: Using agency defined hotlists, investigators and interdiction agents can develop patterns and actionable intelligence on human, drug, and bulk cash smugglers.
  • Data protection compliant: ALPR data that doesn’t return hits against hotlists is deleted immediately.


  • Border security and protection.

Products for border security

VECTOR² automatic license plate recognition camera

VECTOR² cameras: Controlling borders in real time

VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik capture license plates automatically and increase civil security.

A network of powerful VECTOR² ALPR cameras reliably detects the vehicles crossing borders. The cameras deliver high-resolution images even at poor visibility locations such as tunnels, bridges and harbours.

Automatic license plate recognition functions in real time. Data from all VECTOR² cameras is automatically processed and analyzed in a data center using TraffiData analysis software, whether the cameras are installed at single or multiple locations. Law enforcement agencies are then promptly alerted when a suspect vehicle approaches a border thereby helping them to increase civil security.

Benefits of VECTOR²

  • High resolution: VECTOR² cameras deliver clear images day and night.
  • Automatic: VECTOR² cameras record and process data in real time.
  • Flexible: New cameras are quick and easy to install using the existing network, for permanent or temporary traffic surveillance.
  • Individualized: Our experts have years of experience provide competent advice and deliver projects to precisely meet requirements.

Applications of VECTOR²

  • National and international borders: VECTOR² cameras enable law enforcement agencies to record vehicles on bridges, in tunnels and at ports.

TraffiData analysis software

Big data management: TraffiData for reliable data evaluation

TraffiData analysis software processes data from VECTOR² cameras in real time, for optimal automatic license plate recognition.

At borders around the world, VECTOR² cameras are recording large amounts of ALPR data every day. TraffiData analysis software stores this information, evaluates it and automatically compares it against hotlists.

ALPR data analysis takes place in real time to promptly alert law enforcementservices when a suspect vehicle approaches a border, enabling a quick response. TraffiData uses algorithms to identify movement patterns and to reconstruct routes and links to other vehicles.

All information is stored in accordance with legal requirements and data protection regulations with ALPR data deleted immediately or after a specified time if there are no matches found when compared to hotlists. Reliable big data management is the basis for effective law enforcementwork, increasing civil security by facilitating prompt identification of criminal acts and organized crime.

Benefits of TraffiData

  • Instant: TraffiData processes recorded ALPR data in real time.
  • Retrospective: TraffiData can analyse ALPR data retrospectively and reconstruct the routes and movement patterns of suspect vehicles.
  • Targeted: TraffiData software can be individually adapted to different needs.
  • Efficient: A search function enables specific ALPR data to be found quickly and easily.

Applications of TraffiData

  • Regional and national borders: TraffiData analysis software evaluates large amounts of ALPR data to increase civil security.

Rapid deployment trailer: Intelligent roadside and civil security solutions

Respond to road safety emergencies or public safety threats at moment’s notice.

ALPR Deployment trailer for border security

Rapid deployment trailer combined with speed and ALPR technology assists agencies to rapidly deploy an ALPR trailer to identify vehicles of interest, which can help make roads and communities safer.

Jenoptik rapid deployment trailer has been developed to use our ALPR technology that can be used for a whole host of traffic, civil and anti-crime applications. Utilizing an extendable mast provides superior coverage and read rates for any scenario. Deep learning ALPR engine enables intelligent pattern-recognition capabilities used to monitor traffic and detect potential criminal activity.

Features of rapid deployment trailer

  • Extendable mast up to 25 feet
  • 2 X 330 watt built in solar panels
  • Up to 3 lane monitoring with single camera
  • Hotlist alerts in seconds to your phone
  • Operates in extreme environments
  • 24/7 unattended operation
  • Radar speed displays instant alerts
  • Speed limit sign with interchangeable digits

Applications of rapid deployment trailer

  • Law Enforcement
  • Civil Security
  • Traffic Safety

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