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Digital Neutral Density Filters: Generate and Control all Types of Intensity Distributions

Digital neutral density filters generate accurately defined, one or two-dimensional transmission profiles, which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Neutral Density filter

Jenoptik manufactures Digital neutral density filters that enable precise control of intensity profiles for lighting and projection systems. Digital neutral density filters feature accurately defined, metallic absorbing microstructures that are randomly distributed across a fused silica substrate. The density, size and distribution of the microstructures can be adapted to your individual requirements, thus providing you with accurately defined, one or two-dimensional transmission profiles.

Jenoptik uses high-quality substrates, which makes the digital neutral density filters ideally suited for use in high-performance projection systems. The available dynamic range of 0 to 100 percent transmission combined with the ability to customize the pattern geometry and the mechanical mounting capabilities ensure maximum flexibility, when implementing your transmission profile requirements.


  • Precise: Exact control of intensity profiles for lighting and projection systems
  • High-performance: Broadband attenuation for DUV to IR wavelengths
  • Customer-specific: Transmission profiles between 0% and 100% relative transmission

Fields of Application

  • Semiconductor equipment: Customized transmission profiles
  • Laser material processing: Apodization of beam profiles
  • Medical: Variable attenuators for high power lamps and expanded laser beams

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