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High-precision Refractive Optical Elements (ROEs) for Diverse Applications with High Efficiency

Jenoptik produces refractive optical elements (ROEs) tailored to your individual application. We do this by working closely with you during the development process.

Refractive Optics (ROEs)
Jenoptik designs and manufactures high-precision refractive optical elements (ROEs), such as micro lens arrays and homogenizers, which can be used for diverse applications. We work to your specific requirements and, thanks to short production times and close cooperation, we can contribute to your success as early as the development phase.

With our sophisticated microoptics, we can implement a multitude of functions with minimal light loss.

These include:
  • Fiber and waveguide coupling for information and communications technologies
  • Homogenization of light over a specific area
  • Laser beam shaping for converting existing beam profiles into customer-specific intensity profiles
In addition to quartz and plastics, we also use materials such as Si, CaF2, Al2O3, ZnSe, and ZnS for the manufacture of refractive optical elements. We are thus able to cover a wide wavelength range from DUV to IR and provide solutions for an equally wide range of applications.


  • Customer-specific: microoptics tailored to your specific requirements
  • Versatile: homogenization, shaping, splitting and polarization of light
  • Powerful: our products cover a large spectral range from DUV to IR
  • Flexible: refractive optical elements made from different materials
  • Success: expert knowledge from individual design to system integration

Fields of Application

  • Semiconductor production: microoptics for lithography and inspection systems
  • Laser material processing: refractive optical elements in production facilities for laser material processing, e.g. of solar cells or metals
  • Lighting & energy: microoptics for modern lighting applications
  • Medicine: laser eye and skin treatment
  • Displays and projectors: light beam paths and micro-projectors
  • Metrology: wavefront test bench and homogeneous lighting systems
  • Infrared applications: LIDAR
  • Information and Communications Technologies:  Fiber and waveguide couplers

Product preview

Micro lens arrays

Micro lens arrays: homogenization of light beam paths and precise beam guidance

Micro lens arrays for fill factore enhancement

Micro lens arrays are primarily used for applications requiring a high degree of alignment accuracy in a small space.

Jenoptik designs and manufactures micro lens arrays using grayscale technology. This allows us to achieve greater uniformity and higher fill factors than would otherwise be possible with other technologized, such as reflow technology. The aperture of the single lenses can be rectangular, square, hexagonal, round or elliptical, while the very flexible lens profiles. Custom configurations are also possible for larger lens spacing.

With spherical, aspherical and off-axis lenses and lens segments, we guarantee absolute positioning accuracy of less than 0.25 micrometers relative to the ideal position. The MLAs can be aligned front to back to within 1 micron, thus allowing us to create monolithic double-sided micro lens arrays. This gives rise to even greater functionality within a smaller space.

Refractive homogenizers

Refractive homogenizers: controlled shaping of laser beams with uniform power

Refractive homogenizers allow controlled shaping of laser beams with uniform power

A large number of laser applications require accurately controlled light distribution with uniform intensity in specific regions. This can be achieved using either diffractive or refractive homogenizers.

Jenoptik makes refractive homogenizers using micro lens arrays that mix and combine an input an inhomogeneous light beam into a well-controlled and uniform intensity. Our refractive homogenizers can be used with inputs that are single mode, multimode, monochromatic or broadband in nature. This allows you to create virtually any beam shape to ensure exact and homogeneous illumination.

Refractive homogenizers are ideal for laser applications that require the laser beam to maintain a controlled shape. This makes them ideal for skin treatments, laser material processing and surgical procedures involving lasers. The refractive optical elements can also be used in areas such as communication, industrial image processing, for target systems as well as for marking and printing.

The optical elements can achieve 3 to 5% uniformity and can generate round, square or other intensity distributions. The main advantage of refractive homogenizers over diffractive diffusers is that they can be used across a wider wavelength range with very low zero order. It is thus possible to create different ROEs which, when combined, cover the entire range from DUV to LWIR.

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