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Coating Improves the Quality of Polymer Optics

Jenoptik offers a range of AR coatings that allow you to adapt light to meet your requirements.

AR Coating Improves the Quality of Polymer Optics
Polymer optics are used in many different industries — in camera systems, head-up displays and reflectors for LED lighting. Polymer is ideal for these applications and can be manufactured in large quantities at a low cost. Coatings increase the quality of polymers significantly.

In this process, the optics are covered with a coating of thin metals and dielectrica. The coating is used for the reflection, antireflection, splitting or filtering of light beams. It can be used to suppress specific light components or prevent light reflections from occurring. All of our surfaces are protected against mechanical and chemical influences as well as scratches and dirt.

Optical coatings from Jenoptik offer impressive precision and reliability. Our experts regularly check our processes by means of measurements, analyses and climate testing. As we have many years of experience and a wealth of expertise, we can give you expert advice, when it comes to choosing the right coating for your requirements.


  • Tested process: Regular measurements, analyses and climate testing
  • Optimized process: From substrate cleaning to applying the coating and even final packaging
  • Professional advice: We offer feasibility studies, coating development and sample coatings
  • Flexible: The right process for every order — from individual units to large-scale series production

Fields of Application

  • Health care and life sciences: As a reflecting prism for a head mounted display
  • Lighting and energy: Integrated into LED light sources
  • Automotive industry: As a deflection mirror for scanners

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Coating of polymer optics


Customer-specific coatings made from polymers such as Zeonex, Zeonor, polycarbonate, PMMA, etc.

  • Reflective coatings, metallic mirrors (gold, silver, aluminium)
  • Anti-reflective coatings (anti-reflective wide-band, ‘W’ coat, ‘V’ coat)
  • Dielectric mirrors
  • Scratch-proof AR coatings
  • Dielectric beam splitters and filters
  • Nanostructures for anti-reflective coatings of PMMA
  • Easy-to-clean coatings
  • Design and manufacture of customer-specific coatings
  • Design and construction of substrate supports and masks for sample coatings
Optical coatings for polymer optics

META 1101 high vacuum vapor deposition

  • Coatings based on aluminium, silver or gold, as well as protective coatings based on SiOx or HMDS
  • Depending on the coating materials, reflectance of 85 % - 95 % can be achieved
  • PVD vacuum metallization of simple as well as complex 3D components
  • Front and rear surface mirrors
  • Applications in the following markets: Health Care & Life Science, Digital Imaging, Optical Measurement & Machine Vision, Lighting, Automotive & Mobility
SYRUSpro 1100 high vacuum vapor deposition

SYRUSpro 1100 high vacuum vapor deposition

  • PVD thin-layer coating in a high-vacuum environment
  • Anti-reflective wide-band coating, beam splitter and filter
  • Mirrors with aluminium enhanced coatings, reflectance larger than 98 % can be achieved
  • Low operating temperatures to create ideal conditions for coating heat-sensitive substrates
  • Superior long-term density, adhesion, and rigidity thanks to the use of plasma-based coating technology
  • Applications in the following markets: Health Care & Life Science, Digital Imaging, Optical Measurement & Machine Vision, Lighting, Automotive & Mobility

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