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Infrared Cameras and Modules for Detailed, High-Resolution Images

Our technological expertise and years of experience enable us to plan, develop and manufacture infrared cameras and modules to meet customer specifications.

Infrared Camera Module OEM Core

Over several decades of working in the industry, Jenoptik has acquired in-depth knowledge of infrared cameras. It is this knowledge and experience that makes us a pioneer in industrial thermal imaging technology. Our measure temperature distributions and convert them into detailed visualizations on the integrated display or external output devices (PC, monitor). Thanks to the intelligent image processing capability in the infrared camera itself, temperature data can be analyzed immediately, and even the tiniest differences in temperature can be detected. Offering a high-resolution of up to 3.1 IR megapixels, we are the technological market leader in this sector.

We work closely with you to plan and develop a high-performance infrared camera and modules designed to meet the requirements of your specific application. Our range includes everything from a handheld infrared camera for mobile use to stationary models that can be used in fields such as automation technology, all the way through to infrared camera modules for OEM integration into your own systems or products (known as "IR camera cores"). An infrared camera can be used for much more than just visualizing heat distributions on surfaces. It can also be used to measure temperatures in detail with a high level of reliability. Each collaborative project we undertake ends with a finished product that you can use immediately, as we also offer precision production.

In developing infrared cameras, we also draw on our sector-specific expertise from other areas. For example, we were the first company in the world to supply thermal imagers with an integrated laser rangefinder and laser-based focusing. We have already proven our expertise in numerous customer projects, where we successfully developed infrared camera modules for special applications.

Benefits Infrared Camera

  • Precise: Maximum level of measuring accuracy due to high spatial resolution.
  • Efficient: Capture wide measuring ranges.
  • One-stop shop: Everything from planning to production of the infrared camera — all from a single source.

Fields of application

  • Industrial research and development: Maintenance, quality control and assurance, process control and management, production monitoring.
  • Energy industry: Monitoring of solar power plants.
  • Emergency services: Searching for and locating injured people.
  • Defense and security technology: Border protection and site surveillance, as well as products for security companies.

Technical facts

Technical details and parameters of OEM projects will be defined jointly with our customers.


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