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LEDs: powerful, efficient, and durable

LEDs from Jenoptik can be easily integrated into your existing systems or adapted to optoelectronic applications.

We offer LEDs in different wavelengths and housings, which you can easily integrate into your existing systems. We can develop and manufacture tailored, customer-specific modules for sensor-based applications with optimized chip-on-board technology, in which uncapped chips are mounted directly on the PCB, thus ensuring optimum heat dissipation combined with minimal space requirements.
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Jenoptik LEDs emit light in the spectral ranges 650 and 850 nanometers. In addition to our point source LEDs, we also offer miniature LED displays. Our miniature displays can be reflected into the beam path of binoculars and other optical devices, thus allowing the display and object to be visible at the same time.

Thanks to their many years of experience and extensive knowledge, our experts can produce LEDs tailored to your specific requirements. We will support you in all phases, from planning and development to series production and service.

Point light sources for special applications

Jenoptik point source LEDs are available in the VIS and IR spectral range with or without pre-collimating optics.

The LED point sources with pre-collimating optics provide a sharply defined and evenly illuminated reflection of their emission area. The LED point sources achieve maximum power densities with minimal electricity, which makes them an ideal alternative to laser beam sources.

Red point source LED chips

The red LED point sources emit at a wavelength of 650 nm and are optimized for energy efficiency. Depending on the point diameter, visible emission of red light is reached from a driving current of 300 nA. This guarantees extremely long battery life in mobile devices such as reflex sights. The smallest point diameter we offer is 8 µm, which can be used to achieve coverage of just one minute of arc (1 MOA). As a result, this point source provides a perfect aim at even very distant objects. Thanks to the very short switching times, you can also use the point source LEDs for data transmission.

Point sources with large point diameters are characterized by their high radiant intensity, making them ideal for use as light barriers. Point diameters of up to 150 µm are possible, depending on customer requirements.

IR point sources

IR point sources were developed specifically for applications requiring high radiant intensity and maximum reliability. They operate with an emission wavelength of 850 nm and are available with point diameters of 25, 50, 100 and 150 µm.

In contrast with conventional IR LEDs, point sources offer effective suppression of undesirable side radiation along with simple collimation. Due to these special characteristics, IR point sources are an ideal radiation source in optical rotary encoders. They also guarantee efficient coupling with optical fibers for data transmission


  • High precision: sharply defined and evenly illuminated emission area
  • Impressive performance: high radiant intensity
  • Cost-saving: thanks to minimal power consumption, resulting in long battery life
  • Mobile use: compact design for applications with limited space
  • Individual: wide range of point diameters available; development of custom solutions also possible

Fields of Application

  • Electronics industry: substitution of VCSEL semiconductor lasers
  • Medical technology: for blood analysis, fluorescence microscopy and analytics
  • Security technology: use in reflex sights / scopes and light barriers
  • Metrology: distance measurement
  • Automation: beam barriers and rotary encoders


Miniature LED display modules from Jenoptik: efficient and custom-made for your applications.

Jenoptik Miniature LED display modules from Jenoptik: efficient and power-saving for optical devices

The miniature LED display modules from Jenoptik offer very high contrast, even in difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to their low power consumption, they are ideal for display information in battery-powered, mobile optical devices.

The miniature LED displays are based on our 2nd-generation red LED display chips. Like our LED point sources, they are characterized by their high efficiency. The variation of the operating current from the nanoampere to the milliampere range results in a very wide intensity range.

Miniature displays – reflection into optical paths

Miniature displays can be reflected into binoculars or medical devices, thus allowing the displayed information and object to be visible at the same time. The displays are highly efficient, and their brightness can be adapted to both dark and extremely bright environments. This means that the display remains clearly legible even in poor lighting conditions. The efficiency and the option of customizable emitter layouts are major advantages for our customers.


  • Efficient: high luminosity, low power consumption for long battery life
  • Flexible: adjustable intensity across very wide range
  • Legibility: high contrast, clearly legible even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Versatile: suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Customer-specific: adaptable to your individual requirements

Fields of Application

  • Medical technology: for reflecting information in oculars during minimally invasive procedures or endoscopic examinations
  • Traffic safety: for distance and speed measurement
  • Metrology: for displaying information in optical measuring instruments like range finders and binoculars
  • Life science: for display information in sports goggles and head-up displays


Reticule LEDs from Jenoptik

Jenoptik reticule LEDs for high efficiency, homogeneity, and selective driving options on a high level. With our patented production technology we can forego additional masks or potting on our chips, which makes them particularly suitable for battery-driven sights and scopes.

Reticule LEDs emit light at 650nm red and are especially optimized for energy efficiency. Depending on the segment size, visible emission of red light is reached from a driving current of 300 nA. This guarantees extremely long battery life in sights and scopes. All segments within a layout can be individually addressable, e.g., dot, circle, and cross, which makes one LED much more valuable. Due to our improved chip on board design work and assembly our LEDs are optimised for use in reflex sights and very low in reflectivity.

Jenoptik offers one generic product for sale, but we’re focused on customized emitter layouts. With our expertise in chip design and semiconductor production


  • Efficient: High light output, low power consumption for long battery life.
  • Variable: intensity dynamics over a very wide range
  • Versatile: Individual control of each light segment
  • Customizable: Emitter layout is fully customizable to meet the needs of our customers

Fields of Application

  • Safety technology: mirroring of aiming aids in sights, telescopes, binoculars and other optical systems

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