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Enforcement trailer: Precision laser technology for semi-stationary speed enforcement

Jenoptik's enforcement trailer for semi-stationary speed enforcement is ideal for temporary use at kindergartens, traffic-calmed zones, motorways, bridges under renovation and roadworks.

Enforcement trailer are suitable for temporary monitoring hazardous locations, e.g. at kindergartens, old people's homes, traffic-calmed zones and on motorways, bridges under renovation and roadworks. Such locations are high-risk and are especially in need of protection. To effectively control traffic at these locations requires a semi-stationary enforcement trailer that is precise, powerful and flexible. Such a system brings together the benefits from mobile and stationary equipment.

The TraffiStar S350 Semistation offers several advantages in this respect: it is highly compact and manoeuvrable to enable positioning in narrow and difficult locations, and it is sufficiently powerful to reliably detect every vehicle within the measurement range. as well as across multiple lanes and in both directions.

When being deployed temporarily, it is important to be able to start speed measurements immediately and at minimal effort. The enforcement trailer Semistation is the ideal system to do this. The complete laser-based equipment is integrated into a compact and secured trailer. One person is able to easily transport and position it using a remote-controlled hydraulic motor, and then made operational within just a few minutes.

The TraffiStar S350 as a Semistation is suitable for deployments lasting approximately a week. It can then be re-located to the next hazardous point with minimal effort to quickly and easily increase road safety.


  • Reliable: Records every vehicle in the measuring range across every lane.
  • Fast: The measuring equipment is quickly operational.
  • Efficient: Personnel effort is minimal.
  • Flexible: The enforcement trailer Semistation is ideal for temporary use (approx. 1–7 days continuous operation) and can be set up at almost any location (rotatable housing).
  • Secure: Equipment in the enforcement trailer is optimally protected against vandalism.


  • Semi-stationary speed enforcement trailer: Variable deployment, enables quick response to changing requirements, especially suitable for inner-cities.

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Semistation: Flexible and ready for immediate deployment

Use TraffiStar S350 as a Semistation for speed enforcement. All equipment is housed in an enfocement trailer.

Do you need to monitor accident black spots or hazards for a period of roughly one week and in both directions? Then use Jenoptik's TraffiStar S350 as a Semistation. Up to two measurement systems are then deployed simultaneously. The laser-based system for speed measurement is integrated into a enforcement trailer enabling quick re-location and requiring minimum personnel. The Semistation therefore combines the benefits of the well-known stationary and mobile speed enforcement systems.

Position the semi-stationary TraffiStar S350 in driveways or in parking bays to save space. A 360 degrees rotatable measurement and flash unit means both directions can be monitored simultaneously from practically any location. The electro-hydraulic adjustable axle enables the trailer to be moved easily by remote control to the intended position. The retractable trailer drawbar is lockable and can be stored in an optional compartment to guard against unauthorised access. Automatic foam extinguishing systems and impact and GPS motion detectors can also be installed to protect against vandalism. A mobile radio modem to transmit speed measurement data and sabotage messages is also available on request.

Benefits of the enforcement trailer

  • Precise: Laser technology reliably records every vehicle in the measuring range across every lane.
  • Fast: The measuring system is easy to position and put into immediate operation.
  • Cost-saving: Low personnel effort required.
  • Flexible: The housing is rotatable and mobile to enable operation at any installation site.
  • Protected: The enforcement trailer is protected against unauthorised access to the measuring equipment.
  • Dual benefit: Both directions are monitored simultaneously.

Applications of the enforcement trailer

  • Semi-stationary speed enforcement: Variable monitoring, quick to respond to changing requirements, especially suitable for inner-cities.

Detailed image of the enforcement trailer Semistation

Semi-stationary speed enforcement system
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The Semistation has a retractable drawbar

To protect the system, the trailer drawbar is foldable and secured by locking.

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A lifting and lowering system enables the Semistation to be quickly set up and dismantled.

An electro-hydraulically operated axle and a remote control allows the trailer to be precisely positioned at the intended location.

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Two measurement systems can be integrated into the Semistation

Two TraffiStar S350 systems can be used in the Semistation.

The lifting and lowering system as well as the remote control for moving the Semistation are also located in this section.

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