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New Jenoptik F-Theta objective lens for high-precision laser structuring of state-of-the-art solar cells

A new lens of the JENar™ Silverline™ product family enables efficient laser material processing of solar cells and thus indirectly contributes to the further development of renewable energies such as photovoltaics.

F Theta BEN Lens

With the JENarTM Silverline™ 340-355-332-S, Jenoptik is presenting an F-Theta lens for laser material processing that is specially designed to meet the requirements of solar cell production. Its technical properties ensure high efficiency and precise process results in the structuring of solar cells.

Optimal interaction with ultrashort pulse lasers

In order to meet the demand for solar or thin-film modules, more efficient and thus more cost-effective manufacturing processes are indispensable, for example laser structuring with ultra-short pulse lasers, which in turn requires highly precise and reliable optical components.

The new high-performance F-Theta JENarTM Silverline™ 340-355-332-S lens made of quartz glass is specially designed for these applications in the wavelength range from 343 to 355 nm. It can realize particularly small spot sizes of up to 17 µm – and this with a comparatively large scan field of 235 by 235 mm. Thanks to its low-absorption anti-reflective coating, the lens has a high damage threshold and thus offers integrators of laser material components and solar cell manufacturers an ideal solution for ultra-short pulse laser applications.

For high quality and durability

As with all Jenoptik lenses, the new addition to the F-Theta family is characterized by its sophisticated optical design and high quality standards in manufacturing that ensures reliable and homogeneous results across the entire working range. Special low-contamination assembly techniques and manufacturing in a certified clean room also make the F-Theta lens extremely durable.

A product image is available for download in the Jenoptik image database in the “Products” gallery.

About Jenoptik

Optical technologies are the basis of our business: Jenoptik is a global photonics group and comprises the two divisions Advanced Photonic Solutions and Smart Mobility Solutions. Our key markets primarily include semiconductor & electronics, life science & medical technology as well as smart mobility. In the fiscal year 2022, Jenoptik generated revenue of 980.7 million euros.

The Jenoptik Advanced Photonic Solutions division is a globally active OEM provider of system solutions and products based on photonic technologies. The company combines comprehensive expertise in optics, laser technology, digital image processing, optoelectronics and software. Under the TRIOPTICS brand, Jenoptik offers optical measurement and manufacturing systems for the quality control of lenses, objectives and camera modules.
The customers of the Advanced Photonic Solutions division include leading plant and machine manufacturers as well as equipment manufacturers in areas such as semiconductors, laser material processing, medical technology & life science, industrial automation, automotive & mobility, security and also scientific institutes. The systems, modules and components used there help customers to optimally master their future challenges with the help of optical and photonic technologies.


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