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Financing models and services from specialists for traffic enforcement

Jenoptik supports you in traffic enforcement by increasing road traffic safety, reducing risks at hazardous road sections and reducing the number of accidents.

Many city and municipal authorities around the world face the challenge of increasing traffic safety. The task is not easy especially with low budgets and personnel numbers available for efficient and modern technologies. Jenoptik's specialists therefore offer comprehensive services and a range of financing options that do not use public budgets or involve financial risks.

With many years of experience, we are a strong partner whether you want to lease equipment or require support with processing data or equipment maintenance. Jenoptik's products for stationary, semi-stationary and mobile traffic enforcement can be deployed flexibly for various purposes and supplemented by our range of services. DEKRA annually inspects our work procedures and data transfers so we can guarantee EU GDPR compliance on data privacy. Jenoptik also provides single-source services ranging from product development and system installation through to customer service, support and financing.

As a public authority you need to undertake certain tasks such as:

  • Authorising installation sites
  • Evaluating processed data
  • Requesting vehicle details from traffic authorities
  • Initiating offence proceedings
  • Processing appeals
  • Collecting fines and penalties
Everything else can be undertaken by Jenoptik, e.g. financing, setting up, commissioning, maintaining and repairing systems, preparing data and training your staff. You can choose the exact product that meets your needs from our broad range of services and combine different modules to create your own individualised service package.


  • Saves on resources: Authorities can make use of our services even with low budgets and limited personnel.
  • Flexible: Jenoptik specialists provide instant, wide-scale support whenever necessary.
  • Secure: City and municipal authorities take no risks with our financing options.
  • Data protection compliant: All processes are inspected and certified by DEKRA.
  • Legally compliant: Public authority tasks and services are strictly separated.
  • Competent: Jenoptik's many years of experience in major international projects makes it a strong partner.


  • Traffic enforcement: Services and funding opportunities for city and municipal authorities to improve traffic safety.

Our services in detail

Sensor technologies for stationary and mobile deployment

Leasing systems

Jenoptik's product portfolio offers a wide range of highly developed sensor technologies from lasers and radar through to piezo sensors. These can be used for stationary, semi-stationary and mobile traffic enforcement.

Design, installation and maintenance

Planning and implementing traffic enforcement

We work together with you to plan installation sites for specific traffic enforcement systems to effectively increase traffic safety. We then install the appropriate systems and put them into operation. All our systems are regularly maintained and annually calibrated according to regulations.

Current traffic statistics and real-time analysis

Keeping an overview of results

Current traffic statistics and real-time analysis from your systems inform you about traffic volumes. You can also immediately see how many road users are failing to comply with regulations and ongoing traffic enforcement achievements.

 Data transmission

Transferring and preparing data

All stationary systems transmit recorded data online via a secure remote data link to enable encrypted information retrieval at any time via a VPN-secured line. Jenoptik's experts prepare the recorded data within the legal parameters so you can instantly filter out vital information and evaluate the data faster. For example, we can select the relevant sections of images and optimise image quality and exposure. We act strictly according to your instructions.

Support for judicial inquiries

Support for judicial inquiries

We can support you in court with our expertise and years of experience. We also prepare written statements, supply you with device master cards and answer general enquires about measurement data.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help!

Vertrieb Traffic Solutions Deutschland
Vertrieb Traffic Solutions Deutschland
Vertrieb Traffic Solutions Deutschland
Vertrieb Traffic Solutions Deutschland
Vertrieb Traffic Solutions Deutschland

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