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Advanced and tailored to needs: Completed case studies in traffic safety

Case studies: Intelligent systems, international experience and accumulated expertise – Jenoptik has been successfully implementing advanced traffic safety projects for decades.

Jenoptik develops advanced and fully customised systems for speed, average speed and red light enforcement for customers all over the world. We are a strong partner, successfully implementing projects to improve traffic safety. Jenoptik specialists have delivered, installed and commissioned more than 30,000 systems worldwide.

We implement complete projects covering the design, production, delivery and installation of systems, tailoring them to meet your specific needs. We support you along the entire traffic safety process chain: from product development, production and installation through to data analysis, automated processing and services such as regular maintenance. Even after a project has been completed, we remain available for support and advice.

Traffic safety as a global challenge

Many countries are faced with the challenge of reducing traffic accidents on multi-lane roads and at busy junctions. Jenoptik's compact, precision and versatile complete systems have for years been proving their worth in international projects.

Many years of experience, pioneering products and expert knowledge make Jenoptik a strong partner. In more than 80 countries, our advanced and customised complete solutions are helping to keep roads safe and reducing accidents. Do you have any questions? Our customer service will be happy to answer any enquiry!

Case studies overview

Western Australia Police Force – Australia

Case study in Australia: Increasing general road safety

Project for wetsern australia police

Project fact file

  • Customer: Western Australia Police Force
  • Objective: Reduce speed related accidents and increase general road safety
  • Task: Design, production, installation and continuous servicing of 14 fixed laser based speed systems in TraffiTower housing as part of a larger road safety program
  • Project period: Since 2016 for 7 years with possible extension of up to 4 more years

State-of-the-art technology from Jenoptik helps to save lives

Jenoptik has been a strategic partner for the Western Australian Police Force since 2016 for the provision of technology to increase road safety across the state. The combination of modern design and latest technology provides the look of a smart city committed to road safety and contributes to a reduction of speed related accidents.

Project implementation

The overall road safety project in Western Australia is based on a broad approach. Jenoptik supplied a wide range of systems for fixed and mobile speed enforcement, point to point speed and red light enforcement. Design, production, installation and service of these systems is part of the delivery scope.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

In addition to being a reliable technology and service provider, Jenoptik‘s team of experts is working close together with the customer and by giving valuable advice, achieving a partnership based on trust.

Jordan Public Security Directorate – Jordan

Case study: Jenoptik completes major project in Jordan

Completed project in Jordan

Project fact file

  • Customer: Jordan Public Security Directorate
  • Objective: Increasing traffic safety in Jordan
  • Task: Installation of different types of traffic monitoring systems
  • Project period: Six months

Detecting red light violations and speed enforcement: Jenoptik is helping Jordan to improve traffic safety on its busy roads.

Jordan has a lot of traffic, especially in densely populated places such as its capital city Amman. Amman is the country's economic, political and cultural centre and considered one of the most modern Arabian cities. In addition to its 2.3 million inhabitants, the city also attracts Arab and European tourists. To protect people from road accidents and increase traffic safety, Jordan's Public Security Directorate required effective red light and speed enforcement systems.

Project implementation

Within just six months, Jenoptik made, delivered and installed 70 stationary traffic cameras for speed enforcement and 30 systems documenting red light violations. TraffiDesk Pro evaluation software is enabling the Jordanian Public Security Directorate to efficiently process captured data. The systems are easy to operate and are low maintenance. Once installed, they work automatically, keeping personnel costs low.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik is helping to keep roads safe and reducing traffic accidents worldwide. In Jordan, especially in the capital Amman, traffic enforcement systems are helping to significantly reduce the number of fatal accidents. Jenoptik specialists have installed an advanced network of red light and speed enforcement cameras. The equipment is easy to operate and very robust to keep down personnel and maintenance costs.

First Joint Group – Kuwait

Case study in Kuwait: Permanent speed enforcement

Completed project in Kuwait

Project fact file

  • Customer: First Joint Group
  • Objective: Increased road safety in Kuwait and fewer road accidents
  • Task: Production and installation of 100 traffic enforcement systems
  • Project period: Very short completion period of just six months

Jenoptik traffic enforcement systems save lives: Fewer accidents thanks to speed enforcement systems.

Kuwait is one of the first Arab countries to have a highly developed road network. However, accidents are high due to speeding and other traffic violations. Kuwait's Ministry of the Interior of Kuwait has therefore been tasked with lowering traffic accidents. The team monitors traffic and documents speeding offences so road users arrive safely at their destinations.

Project implementation

Jenoptik has been a long-term partner to the First Joint Group in Kuwait to help improve traffic safety. Within just six months, our experts made, delivered and installed 60 TraffiTower 2.0, 40 non-invasive measuring systems and 120 external flash units. The traffic cameras and measuring systems are extremely precise, reliable and effective. The First Joint Group is also aiming to prevent traffic congestion and accident black spots by using the installed network and an advanced traffic strategy.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik provides long-term support to increase traffic safety on multi-lane roads and at busy junctions. Jenoptik specialists have years of experience and expertise to professionally implement projects from start to completion. They design, make and deliver high-quality systems for red light and speed enforcement.

Lithuanian Road Administration – Lithuania

Case study in Lithuania: Civil security and traffic enforcement in one

Completed project in Lithuania

Project fact file

  • Customer: Lithuanian Road Administration
  • Objective: To increase civil security and simultaneously enforce speed limits
  • Task: Combine speed enforcement measurement systems and number plate recognition cameras and integrate them into the existing police infrastructure
  • Project period: 12 months

Jenoptik developed a unique concept for the Lithuanian Road Administration to increase civil security and while enforcing speed limits.

The Lithuanian Road Administration are tasked with ensuring roads in Lithuania remain safe. This means its personnel strive to prevent traffic accidents caused by speeding. They also ensure that police can promptly identify and prosecute criminal offences. This requires high-resolution number plate recognition cameras and reliable speed enforcement measuring systems.

Project implementation

Flexible, practical and innovative: Jenoptik combines in single units advanced speed enforcement technologies and automatic number plate recognition. These unique systems then simultaneously meet the needs of different areas. They are able to document speeding offences, identify vehicles wanted by the police, determine a vehicle's current insurance and statutory inspection status – and support the fight against organised crime.

Software processes the data in real time enabling local police to act instantly. The systems are easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure and are intuitive to operate.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Specialist expertise, years of project experience and innovative products. Jenoptik makes, delivers and installs traffic enforcement systems tailored to specific needs. The measuring systems and high-resolution number plate recognition cameras are extremely accurate. Captured data is processed in real time to enable instant responses and to foresee and prevent crime. More than 1,200 systems and 8,000 number plate recognition cameras continue to impress our project partners worldwide.

Singapore Police Force – Singapore

Case study in Singapore: Preventing red light violations

Completed project in Singapore

Project fact file

  • Customer: Singapore Police Force
  • Objective: Detecting and preventing red light violations to improve driving and traffic safety in Singapore
  • Task: To produce a digital system to meet traffic safety needs in Singapore.
  • Project period: 2014–2015

Reliable red light enforcement: The Singapore Police Force is working together with Jenoptik to make its multi-lane roads safer.

Singapore is one of the world's top ten cities attracting the most tourists every year. The city-state has a very advanced economy and highly developed infrastructure. Traffic enforcement systems tailored to local conditions are vital to prevent accidents, especially on busy, multi-lane roads and at junctions. The Singapore Police Force has set itself the goal of detecting and penalising red light violations to increase traffic safety.

Project implementation

Jenoptik made, supplied and installed TraffiStar SR520 systems at 240 different locations across Singapore. These reliably monitor complex, multi-lane junctions, classify vehicles and automatically capture number plates. The TraffiDesk™ Pro software encrypts, transmits and evaluates data in real time. TraffiNet oversees the functioning of the systems.

The Singapore Police Force are penalising red light violations across the city-state which is having a deterrent effect and reducing the number of serious accidents at junctions.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik's TraffiStar SR520 systems give you robust technology, a deep understanding of traffic enforcement and documentation, a strong local impact, and many years of operation. Our systems enable you to reliably detect road traffic violations. The captured data is encrypted to make processing compliant with data privacy regulations. Jenoptik specialists provide professional on-site support throughout the entire project, based on years of expertise and specialist traffic safety know-how.

City of Toronto and other Ontario districts – Canada

Case study in Ontario: Jenoptik provides reliable red light enforcement systems

Completed project in Toronto

Project fact file

  • Customer: City of Toronto and other Ontario districts
  • Objective: To increase traffic safety in Toronto and Greater Ontario
  • Task: To install and operate more than 200 stationary systems for red light enforcement
  • Project period: From 2006

A complete solution for red light enforcement from Jenoptik has resulted in 40 percent fewer traffic accidents in Toronto and its surrounding districts.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of 2.6 million. Multi-lane roads, complex junction layouts and heavy traffic mean a high risk of accidents. Reliable systems for red light enforcement help increase traffic safety. Cameras automatically process data to accurately detect red light violations.

Project implementation

Jenoptik is involved in the investment, installation and operation of red light systems for the City of Toronto and other districts in Ontario. A professional service team guarantees high system availability as well as the secure transmission and processing of traffic violation data.

More than 300 stationary systems capture red light violations on two sequential photos to provide indisputable evidence of traffic offences. High-resolution cameras are able to capture up to four lanes of traffic simultaneously and deliver high-quality images – day and night thanks to external flash units. Jenoptik's in-house TraffiDesk™ Pro software enables highly efficient data evaluation.

Since the start of the joint project, accident rates at traffic junctions using red light enforcement has fallen by 40 percent. The project with Jenoptik has therefore been extended with a doubling of the number of traffic cameras.

Jenoptik as a strong partner: Benefits at a glance

Jenoptik has developed a complete solution by applying core competencies from the areas of optical technology, scalable software, operation and service. Its specialists have therefore been able to deliver a reliable, robust and innovative traffic enforcement system. The efficient TraffiDesk™ Pro software evaluates captured information in real time while conserving resources.


  • Successful: Jenoptik specialists have decades of experience in implementing advanced projects to meet specific needs.
  • Individualised: Complete solutions tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Professional: An all-round service from a single source.
  • Reliable: A strong partner at your side from project start to completion.


  • Red light enforcement: Detecting red light violations at junctions and level crossings.
  • Speed enforcement: Documenting violations on up to four lanes of traffic simultaneously.
  • Data evaluation and processing: Powerful software for quick analysis of incidents.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help!

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