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Supply Chain Management: Optimal Processes for Your Value Chains

With our professional supply chain management service, we support you throughout your project and help increase your economic success.

supply chain management
From development to system integration — our experts provide you with their expertise throughout your project. We work closely with you and have an in-depth understanding of your processes. We develop, purchase, assemble, test and store numerous individual components for the parts list of a module or system on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We manage complex supply chains, analyze the value stream and ensure that you receive your deliveries when you need them. With our professional supply chain management service, we optimize your value and supply chains.

Sophisticated and well-functioning processes and consumption control allow us to react quickly and flexibly to your requirements or external changes. Planning and process cycles can be modified as necessary, and throughput and processing times can be reduced.

You can track every component that you install in your optoelectronic system at any time.


  • Efficient: Optimize your value chain
  • Flexible: Quickly respond to external changes
  • Cost-saving: Efficient deliveries
  • Time-saving: Speed up processing times
  • Sustainable: Competitive advantages thanks to products that are difficult to imitate

Fields of Application

  • Industry: Components and modules for lighting applications
  • Medical technology: Polymer-based optoelectronic single and system components for diagnostics and endomedicine
  • Sensor components: Digital imaging
  • Automotive: Driver assistance systems

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