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Multi-purpose LED lighting modules

The LED modules from Jenoptik open up new dimensions in the field of lighting. Contact us to find out more about the versatility and quality of our products.

LED Lighting Solution
The configurations of our light systems are practically limitless, with color, brightness and light distribution variable to suit your exact needs and specifications.

We offer a multitude of products for your various applications, ranging from specially developed optical components to complex optoelectronic lighting modules. All our LEDs represent a perfect combination of light source, optics, sensors and electronics.

We are continuously optimizing and enhancing our production processes. Moreover, qualified staff monitor the entire production process in our measuring center, thus ensuring that all product parameters are observed. Thanks to sophisticated machine technology, we provide products of consistently high quality levels.


  • Versatile: LED modules for use in a variety of sectors
  • Sophisticated machine technology: continuous optimization of production processes
  • Customer-specific: from specially developed components to complex modules
  • Guaranteed quality: checking of raw materials, intermediate goods and end products as well monitoring of comprehensive process parameters during production

Fields of Application

  • Industry: interior and exterior lighting; LED advertising and displays
  • Road traffic: road, tunnel and parking garage lighting; traffic lights and road signs
  • Sport: stadium lighting
  • Consumer lighting: cell phone flash, flashlights, table lamps, light bulb replacement, background lighting
  • Architecture: effect and design lighting
  • Agriculture
  • Car park

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