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Light Modulation from Jenoptik: Custom-Made Modulators for a Wide Range of Applications

In order to modulate light according to your requirements, Jenoptik offers you various integrated optical modulators and liquid crystal based modulators, as well as the appropriate control unit.

Jenoptik light modulators are ideal for the amplitude, phase and polarization modulation of laser light in the visible and infrared spectral range. Our products are perfectly tailored to your applications: In addition to standard light modulators, Jenoptik also develops and manufactures customer-specific components.

Integrated Optical Modulators: Modulation of Light Using Electro-Optical Crystals

With the Jenoptik integrated optical amplitude modulator, you can influence the amplitude of laser light at particularly high frequencies up to the gigahertz range with a very good extinction ratio. An outstanding feature is the excellent optical power stability.

You can easily control the amplitude modulator as required using the Pulse Selector IOM pulse picker control unit via the USB interface on your computer. This enables you to reduce the repetition rate of pulse lasers or produce radiation pulses.

Our integrated optical phase modulator is ideal for influencing the light phase. It can be used to generate sidebands, for example.

The light is simply coupled in and out via polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers with the appropriate connectors. The geometry of the waveguide structure or the operation wavelength can be precisely customized to your individual requirements.

Liquid Crystal Light Modulators: Liquid Crystal Based Amplitude and/or Phase Modulation

Jenoptik SLM-S spatial light modulators are based on a linear array of 320 or 640 independently controllable strips. With the single-mask array, you can realize phase modulation or amplitude modulation. The dual-mask array enables you simultaneously to modulate the phase and amplitude of laser light.

On request, we manufacture antireflection coatings for various spectral ranges.

Use Jenoptik products for fast, precise light modulation:

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