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Optoelectronic Systems for Your Individual Requirements

Jenoptik develops optoelectronic systems and modules that you can integrate into your existing systems in line with the specific application, saving you both time and money.

Customer-specific optoelectronic systems

We manufacture optoelectronic systems that precisely meet your requirements. We develop integrated solutions for your market that intelligently combine optics, lighting, electronics, sensors and software.

Jenoptik is your reliable partner along the entire value chain: We support you from the initial idea through to the design stage, development and series production, including supply chain management. You will benefit from our many years of experience and the broad expertise of our highly qualified employees. Outsource the development and production of your optoelectronic systems without any risk, while saving costs and avoiding the use of unnecessary resources.

With high quality assurance standards, cleanroom conditions, and ISO certifications for medical technology and the automotive sector, we manufacture optoelectronic modules of the highest quality. We have a broad range of technical expertise and excellently equipped production facilities.

Jenoptik offers customer-specific optoelectronic systems in the following areas:

  • System solutions for polymer optics
  • Ultra-precision technology
  • Electronics development
  • Software and firmware development
  • Digital image processing systems
  • Solutions for connection technology, AVT
  • Solutions for packaging sensor chips
  • Development, prototype construction, series production
  • Lighting technology and LED development


  • Highest quality: Compliant with standards and manufactured by experienced employees
  • Safe: Outsource your risks
  • Reliable: Expert support along the entire value chain
  • Fast: Maintain short pathways in logistics and communication
  • Cost-saving: No unnecessary investments
  • Customer-specific: Optoelectronic systems adjusted to your requirements

Fields of Application

  • Safety technology: Image sensors, LEDs and packaging for camera systems and IR camera systems, microchips for telescopes and telescopic sights
  • Medicine, analysis and diagnostics: Progress cameras including company software, polymer optics for blood glucose meters, optical systems for gene analysis, dental and laboratory analysis processes
  • Automotive: Polymer fiber optics, camera lenses and objective lenses, mirrors for driver assistance systems
  • Machine vision sensors: Polymer optics for scanners, rotary encoders, freeform optics, process monitoring
  • Optoelectronics packaging: Image sensors including packaging for camera systems, microelectronics, microchips, LEDs and photodiodes
  • Lighting: High-bay luminaires, LED system solutions
  • Digital imaging: Progress cameras for medicine and laboratories, including company software

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