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Improved Imaging Quality Thanks to Aspherical Polymer Lenses

With aspherical polymer lenses, you can prevent imaging errors. Injection molding and stamping procedures are used to produce optics with aspherical surfaces at the same cost as spherical optics.

Aspherical Polymer Lenses

Our aspherical polymer lenses have a non-spherical surface to improve the quality of optical images. Using a diamond processing method, we are able to produce high-precision aspherical lenses and tool inserts very efficiently. We use these in turn to mold aspherical polymer lenses. Depending on the size and shape, these lenses can achieve a global dimensional accuracy of PV < 1µm and micro roughness of Ra < 10 nm.

With the injection molding and stamping procedure, aspherical polymer surfaces can be molded just as precisely as spherical surfacesfor the same cost. Therefore, aspherical contours are therefore widely used in polymer optics.


  • Outstanding quality: Achieve better optical images
  • High-precision: Achieve global dimensional accuracy of PV < 1µm and micro roughness of Ra < 10nm
  • Cost-saving: Produce at the same price as spherical surfaces

Fields of Application

  • Medical technology: Higher-quality imaging processes
  • Sensor systems: Higher image quality in UV and IR applications

Comparison spherical and aspherical plano-convex lens

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