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Invisible and functionally reliable predetermined breaking points thanks to precise laser perforation

The patented laser perforation process from Jenoptik enables you to integrate precise, functionally reliable and invisible predetermined breaking points in plastic components in just one process step.

3D Graphic Laser Perforation

3D Graphic Laser Perforation

The sensor-based Jenoptik laser perforation process meets the highest demands in terms of safety and aesthetics, allowing you to process plastic components in a fast and controlled manner. In just one step, for example, you can create predetermined breaking points in vehicle airbag covers that are invisible to passengers. The specially developed sensor technology from Jenoptik is so precise that you can precisely retain predetermined residual wall thicknesses. At the same time, the process ensures that the highest safety standards are met. Each individual processing point is monitored during the laser perforation process and compared against the corresponding parameter values. All data can be reliably archived in a traceability system.

Unlike mechanical processes, laser perforation is completely non-contact. The non-wearing laser beam tool does not induce any mechanical stresses on the material. The process is also particularly clean and does not require any subsequent reworking because any dust generated is immediately extracted and cleaned. You can set the type, distances and contour of the holes according to your requirements — specific to the material you are currently processing. The process is therefore perfectly suited to the perforation of predetermined breaking points in plastics, textiles or leather.

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Advantages of precise laser perforation

  • Invisible tear line
  • 100 % process control & parameter documentation
  • Absolute functional reliability of the tear line
  • Multilayer material composites can be weakened in only one processing step
  • Customizable pattern of holes for optimized specific opening behavior
  • Material deviations are automatically compensated by the sensor-controlled scoring system
  • Achievable residual wall thickness (depending on material & sensor type) from 0,1mm – 1mm
  • Flexible vehicle interior design

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A series: Laser Scoring for Fail-Safe Breaking Points in Airbag Covers.

The procedure developed by Jenoptik for the laser scoring of airbag covers opens up completely new options for vehicle design. All products in the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A series also work in a completely non-contact and wear-free manner. The leading procedure for laser scoring therefore combines the highest aesthetic demands with safety and efficiency.

In the patented procedure for laser scoring, a laser creates a series of blind holes on the reverse of the material. This means that a weakening line is created along the contour of the airbag flap. Vehicle passengers will not notice the integrated breaking point. However, if a situation arises when the airbag needs to trigger, then the material rips open at the weakened point.


Latest JENOPTIK-VOTAN® Products

Airbag preparation – down to the MAX: JENOPTIK-VOTAN® S

The scanner based JENOPTIK-VOTAN® S is designed to create predetermined hole and bridge weakening lines. After processing, your parts will be directly evaluated with an integrated image processing unit.

The weakening program and process evaluation is customizable to your needs. With JENOPTIK-VOTAN® S you are using an industrial proven system for a contact- and wear-free production of your parts.


  • Smallest available footprint
  • Part envelope 1550 x 550 x 250 mm
  • High repeatability
  • Minimal structure size 0.3 mm
  • Minimal heat affected zone
  • Direct part evaluation
  • Parameter and result traceabilty and storage
  • Rework/destroy function for minimal scrap rate
  • Proper exhaust for minimal contamination
  • Reduced service and maintenance

Laser Technology that safes lives: JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A+

The laser scoring system JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A+ is the latest member of the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A family and offers proven technology on a new platform. Laser scoring is a process to integrate predetermined airbag tear lines into automotive interior parts – such as instrument panels (3D) or decorative cover materials (2D).

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A+ offers a maximum of reliability by a closed loop sensor controlled process. Precise adjustment of the opening behavior of the airbag cover, in combination with the airbag deployment, secures passenger safety


  • Invisible tear line
  • 100 % process monitoring and traceability
  • Absolute functional reliability of the tear line
  • Customizable weakening pattern for adjustable airbag cover opening behavior
  • Very flexible integration of weakening lines in any vehicle design
  • Automatic compensation of material deviations
  • Wide range of processable applications


Product Overview

The Future: JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Scan: The Future of Laser Scoring. More Gentle on Materials and Efficient than Ever Before.

The latest development from the perforation systems range sets new standards: Precise breaking points in airbag covers are now created with a fast-moving laser beam on the static component. The material removal in several cycles improves the patented procedure and also allows for the weakening of sensitive decors such as leather and foam films. Depending on the material, you can choose between an ultrashort pulse laser (UPL) or a CO2 laser.

In this case, a multi-sensor field also provides precise and controlled processing for ultimate reliability and quality. Rely on the expertise of the market leader and the most efficient and reliable laser scoring on the market.


  • Versatile: Can be used for all single-layer and multi-layer materials, including films and leather.
  • Efficient: Ultimate laser utilization thanks to high-speed processing.
  • Controlled: Exact processing results thanks to sensor-controlled laser technology.
  • Gentle: Multi-cycle removal prevents material from overheating and deforming during processing.
  • Individual: Variably determine the course of the fail-safe breaking points.

The Flexible: JENOPTIK-VOTAN® Classic

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Classic: Laser Scoring System with Many Options for Ideal Integration into your Production.

Laser Perforation Machine JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Classic

With the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Classic laser scoring system, you can be particularly flexible during laser scoring. For example, you can individually equip the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Classic, compensate for different thicknesses with an auto-focus, or adjust the suction to different materials. This means that you can adjust the industrial standard procedure to your individual requirements at any time.

Incorporate invisible breaking points into plastic airbag covers in a quick and controlled manner. The Jenoptik procedure has been guaranteeing complete functional reliability through controlled processes for 20 years, and of course this applies around the world.


  • Additional functions: Expand JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Classic laser scoring system as needed.
  • Economical: Handle multi-layered materials in just one process step.
  • Fail-safe: Exact remaining wall thicknesses thanks to sensor-controlled laser technology.
  • Flexible: Variably adjust contour and tensile strength of the breaking point.
  • Non-contact: The processing is wear-free and preserves material.

The Efficient: JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Compact

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Compact: Optimized Compact Standard Layout for Laser Scoring for Ultimate Efficiency in the Smallest Space.


The compact system concept for the laser scoring allows for cost-effective and easy integration into the smallest space in your production process. It is possible to process single-layered and multi-layered plastics of various types and thicknesses. The sensor-controlled cutting automatically compensates for unevenness or changes in the material thickness.


  • Cost-effective: Low investment costs.
  • Space-saving: Can be installed in even the smallest space.
  • Economical: Handle multi-layered materials in just one process step.
  • Fail-safe: Exact remaining wall thicknesses thanks to sensor-controlled laser technology.
  • Flexible: Variably adjust contour and tensile strength of the breaking point.
  • Non-contact: The processing is wear-free and preserves material.

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A series - Laser Scoring with innovative Laser Concepts


  • Flexible: Exact and invisible predetermined breaking points in a wide range of materials thanks to precise sensor technology.
  • Economic: Process multi-layered materials in just one process step.
  • Non-wearing: Non-contact processing minimizes maintenance and spare parts costs.
  • Variable: Increased flexibility in terms of component design.
  • Safe: Monitored and traceable process for safety-related components.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: Predetermined breaking points for airbag covers in the vehicle trim.

Application Notes

Processing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)

Hole drilling of 1.1 mm thick CFRP

Hole drilling of 1.1 mm thick CFRP5

Task / Problem

Due to its low weight, its high durability against mechanical and dynamic stress and its chemical resistance CFRP’s have a wide field of application especially in lightweight construction. Laser processing gives the opportunity for cutting, drilling and 3D-ablation of these materials wearless and forceless.


To cut the material without delamination and with high productivity it is best to use the short pulse duration of the JenLas® disk IR70E. Heat management and pulse energy must be in the right setting for these materials to achieve optimal results.


For carbon fiber reinforced thermosets holes (Ø 250 μm) can be drilled in less than 1s. Ablation rate is higher than 11 mm³/ min.For thermoplastic CFRP’s holes (Ø 610 μm) can be drilled in 7s.Ablation rate is 4 mm³/ min.There were no remarkable melting or delamination after processing CFRP’s.


The laser parameters have to be adjusted to the layer structure and resin of each CFRP to find best quality and quantity.The Jenoptik JenLas® disk IR70E is designed for industrial requirements. The high stability, a independently tunable pulse duration ( 30 ns – 300 ns ) and a pulse energy of up to 6.5 mJ make it the ideal tool for processing these challenging materials.

High speed micro drilling and ablation of metals

Product preview of disk laser JenLas disk IR 70

JenLas® disk IR70 / IR70E

Task / Problem

Drilling of small holes and ablation of grooves in various metals becomes more and more important in many fields of industry, e.g. for filters, needles in surgery, lubrication reservoirs or printing industry. For those applications the holes must have high aspect ratio and often high density hole pattern.


To drill metals with good quality and high drilling rates both JenLas® disk IR70 and IR70E can be used. These ns-disk lasers have high ablation rates due to high pulse energies (up to 7 mJ) with variable pulse length. Therefore thermal effects can be optimized.


The laser parameters can be independently adjusted to achieve best drilling results in various metals depending on the application requirements.The shown applications have similar results with Al, Cu, Mo, Mg and nickel alloy.The Jenoptik JenLas® IR70 / IR70E is designed for industrial requirements.The IR70 ( with long ns-pulses ) is best for achieving highest drilling rates whereas the IR70E ( with short ns-pulses ) is best for achieving best quality.

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