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Precise laser scoring for reliable and invisible airbag tear lines.  

The advanced laser technology enables airbag scoring in all vehicle interior components to support passive safety features in modern vehicles.

3D Graphic Laser Perforation

3D Graphic Laser Scoring

For high performance of passive safety features – such as passenger airbags it is mandatory to implement precise tear lines in vehicle interior components. With Jenoptik’s technology, the weakening is done by a laser that allows very sensitive ablation of material from the backside of the work pieces. The particular laser radiation sensor enables a closed loop machining process to generate homogenous weakening at minimum residual wall thickness but prevents the laser from cutting completely through the material. As a result, the highest level of safety and aesthetic demands are met, since the weakening lines are completely invisible.

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A enables the processing of a wide range of materials. Depending on the application to be processed different laser sources are used. For example, it is necessary to use a femtosecond laser for very temperature-sensitive materials such as genuine leather or decorative foils. Beside single-layer materials, composite materials can be processed also. Typically composite materials consists of a hard plastic carrier with a foam layer and decorative foil. Those high-quality work pieces are processed in one single machining cycle by generating the laser weakening through all the different layers without penetrating the top layer for the best invisibility of the tear line.

The tear lines itself can be generated by a number of circular blind holes with or without residual wall thickness or with slots in any possible combination and in any geometry according to the customers’ needs. A flexible adjustment of the airbag opening force is feasible without tool change to allow the best possible airbag performance.

Advantages of precise laser scoring

  • Monitoring of all process data & parameter
  • Reliable airbag weakening for all vehicle interior components
  • Wide range of machinable materials (single-layer components, composite materials, heat sensitive and natural materials such as genuine leather)
  • Processing of composite materials in one single machining cycle
  • Material and thickness deviations are automatically compensated by closed loop machining process
  • Achievable residual wall thickness of 0.1mm - 1mm (depending on material used)
  • Customer specific weakening pattern for maximum design freedom
  • Clean process without dust and shavings.
  • No tool wear and low maintenance

Product comparison – Jenoptik Laser scoring systems

Jenoptik offers 2 product lines for airbag weakening depending on customers’ requirements and applications.

  • JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A family: Airbag weakening with residual wall thickness for composite or single-layer materials. Maximum flexibility due to various machine types, layouts and laser sources.
  • JENOPTIK-VOTAN® S: News machine type for airbag weakening, processing single-layer hard instrument panel carriers with through holes (without residual wall thickness) for later lamination.



More than 20 years experience. Robot based machine design with stationary cutting head and work sensor. Most flexible airbag weakening machine by customer specific layouts, automation and part feeding features.


Laser - scanner based machine design with sensor array and lifting table for ergonomic part loading. 2 laser sources available:
  • CO2 laser for all plastic materials (single - layer or composite materials)
  • Femtosecond laser for genuine leather and other heat sensitive materials lowest heat introduction due to multi-cycle laser process. Use of smaller lasers and efficient exhaust system for less energy consumption at comparable performance as JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Classic
votan a plus


Proven technology on a new platform. Lean production process of predefined technology platform for economic machine transport, build and lead-time. Option packages for most common customer demands. Modular machine concept for quick setup of additional options (such as turntable or additional cutting features)
votan s laser perforation


Laser - scanner based machine design particular designed to create though holes in instrument panel carrier. Generating predetermined hole/ slot and bridge weakening lines. After processing, parts are directly evaluated with an integrated image processing unit.
  • Weakening program & process evaluation individually adaptable
  • Smallest available footprint
  • Proper exhaust system for minimal contamination

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