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The gold standard in metrology for optical components and sensors

We welcomed TRIOPTICS into the global Jenoptik family in 2020. TRIOPTICS is a leading international supplier of test equipment for optical components and sensors, setting standards in ultraprecise measurement and testing. For Jenoptik, this acquisition is one of the biggest and most important steps on the path inspired by the company’s Strategy 2022. With our vision of “Brighter Futures with the Power of Light”, and our focus on optics and photonics, we are now closer to achieving our goals.

Together with TRIOPTICS, Jenoptik can serve an even broader range of applications in photonic and optical solutions for a digital world. The key to achieving a joint technological edge lies in the combination of the companies’ expertise in optics, industrial image processing, and metrology. Here, we are primarily focusing on future markets driven by digitization, virtual and augmented reality, consumer electronics, mobility, and autonomous driving – all with applications that rely on precision optics, optical sensor technology, and optimized image and data acquisition.
The two companies’ partnership, however, was also fleshed out in black and white before the end of the year: TRIOPTICS was already included in the balance sheet items in Jenoptik’s financial statements as of September 30, 2020, as well as with all income statement key indicators pro rata for six days. All in all, the figures were integrated at record speed. Jenoptik employees also lent a hand in production and assisted in year-end business at the Wedel site.

TRIOPTICS Management

The merger of Jenoptik and TRIOPTICS aims to result in “The Best of All Worlds”. In its cooperation and integration work, the team headed by Kristin Holzhey is concentrating on core topics: in the future, TRIOPTICS and Jenoptik’s Light & Optics division will primarily work together to address innovation and market penetration through joint sales activities. The leverage of cross-selling potential promises great synergy, particularly from a regional perspective, as Jenoptik’s Light & Optics division has a very strong presence in North America, while TRIOPTICS is well represented in Asia. In addition, Jenoptik’s expertise will benefit TRIOPTICS’ innovations. TRIOPTICS and OTTO Vision, the specialist in production metrology acquired in 2018, will form the Optical Test & Measurement area from 2021 on and thus stand as a fourth strong pillar in our Light & Optics division – alongside Semiconductor & Advanced Manufacturing, Biophotonics, and Industrial Solutions.

We hope to be able to reorganize the major joint welcome event for all TRIOPTICS employees, which unfortunately had to be canceled in the fall of 2020 due to Corona, for 2021.

Post Merger Integration

Kristin Holzhey heads the Trioptics and Jenoptik post-merger integration team. In 2020, she was named one of Germany’s top 40 young professionals under 40 by business magazine Capital.

Kristin Holzhey