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From an engineering office to a system provider

A process of integration requires close cooperation so that synergies are created by the cooperation.

Measurement technology has been one of the core competencies of Jenoptik for years. As a global organization, we support trends toward more mobility, safety and automation in automotive manufacturing and other robot-based industries. Since September 2018, this division has been strengthened by the acquisition of OTTO Vision.

For more than 25 years, the name OTTO Vision has stood for high-end applications in industrial image processing. OTTO Vision specializes in optical 2D and 3D inspection systems for product control as well as complex image processing systems for application in parts inspection, surface inspection and position recognition. Thanks to the non-contact 3D digitization, manufactured parts can easily and quickly be compared with digital target models. This allows quick detection of production deviations.

Joint division strategy

The newest member of the Jenoptik Group presented itself with other colleagues from the Light & Production division at the 2019 Control trade fair in Stuttgart: A highlight was the FLEX-3A, a 3D structured light scanner for the analysis of first samples and prototypes as well as automated sample inspections.

But the FLEX-3A was a highlight even beyond the trade fair. The OTTO Vision team also won the 2019 Jenoptik Innovation Award with it.

Highly precise: Measurement of small parts with high resolution and precision

During the automatic scan process a 3D model is precisely composed using various views without reference marks. The scanned data of a manufactured product can reconstruct a so-called "digital twin" using surface reconstruction or reverse engineering. The PSS-40 test station is particularly suitable for use in the stamping industry. This innovation impressed the Jenoptik Innovation Workshop jury.

OTTO Vision is pursuing global opportunities that come from the megatrends of connectivity and mobility.

Our optical measurement solutions make efficient production processes possible for our customers.

Kristin Holzhey, Head of OTTO Vision
Kristin Holzhey