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Your partner in Florida for proven school zone speed camera solutions

Jenoptik’s school zone speed camera solutions change driver behavior and increase safety.

Jenoptik has a strong Florida presence with over 200 employees in the state. Headquartered in Palm Beach County, we have dedicated local customer service as well as support in Brevard and Orange Counties and our traffic safety technologies are all designed and manufactured in-house.

Jenoptik Case Study at Palm Beach County

A recent Jenoptik study of over 25,000 cars at Palm Beach County schools showed that the majority (>70 %) of drivers are speeding (over 20 mph) during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Over 30 % of these speed limit violations were even exceeding 30 mph.

Speeding Violations in the Morning

20 mph and below

21-30 mph

31 mph and over

Speeding Violations in the Afternoon

20 mph and below

21-30 mph

31 mph and over

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Total community solution providing speed enforcement, ALPR and video
  • Single source hardware and software solution provider
  • Proven in-house technologies
  • Easy deployment for both fixed and mobile applications
  • Precision results using state-of-the-art non-invasive radar and laser sensors
  • Over fifty years of engineering and development experience in speed enforcement
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Jenoptik´s highly advanced traffic systems are proven to help significantly reduce accidents in our communities.

This independent study for New York City’s Automated Speed Enforcement Program demonstrates that “as of December 2020, speeding at fixed camera locations has dropped, on average, 72 percent.” The study utilized over 1,600 Jenoptik cameras installed across 750 separate school zones.

For the first time in the state of Florida, speed cameras are permitted for use in school zones. With thousands of systems installed nationwide, we have captured millions of incidents in the US alone. These systems are proven to modify driver behavior and help ensure school zones remain safe for our children commuting to and from school.

Speeding in school zones

Together as we work towards #VisionZero, protecting our most vulnerable members of our community is essential. Jenoptik is your partner in Florida and we are ready to support you wherever you are in the process whether it is how to get started with your program, gain community buy-in, get a demonstration or start a pilot program.

Do you have any questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

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