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8 Reasons to trade-in/trade-up your quality control systems!

Would you rather upgrade your machinery when it is producing, or when it is idle? Investing now will pay dividends in the near future. Your shop will return to peak production, be more efficient, and ready to handle higher-throughput jobs.

It's time to trade in/trade up for MORE Metrology

Get UP to 25% in savings. Trade-In/Trade-Up your measurements systems for more of everything you need.

1. Do you feel the need… the need for MORE Speed?
Jenoptik modular roughness and contour measurement systems deliver faster precision than ever before with positioning speeds of up to 200mm/s.

2. Show… me… the… POWER!
Jenoptik optical systems deliver MORE power to detect surface imperfections, eliminating manually checking critically machined surfaces.

3. You can handle MORE Precision!
Jenoptik handheld roughness testers deliver MORE precision when and where you need it.

4. There is no substitute for MORE Reliability.
Jenoptik Opticline systems deliver MORE reliability when checking a whole host of measurements on a broad range of parts.

5. Don’t be afraid. We are going to give you the choice of MORE Functionality…
Jenoptik measuring instruments for combined roughness and contour give you MORE functionality for your metrology requirements.

6. Every passing minute is another chance for MORE repeatability…
Jenoptik In-Process systems deliver MORE repeatability right where you need it most.

7. Tech support! MORE Data Security
If you are currently running on Windows XP or another operating system that is no longer supported, updates can deliver MORE data security helping protect you from malware and other intrusions.

8. You had me at… MORE Metrology?
From hand held measurement systems to fully automatic optical solutions, Jenoptik offers a whole range of quality control technologies that deliver MORE metrology for optimizing yoru production processes.

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