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FASTHRU® - The next generation of drive thru technology

  • Speed customer ordering, delivery and satisfaction.
  • Increase revenue.

How it works: Jenoptik´s proven drive thru technology powers your business...


1. Vehicle recognition

Jenoptik connects your customer with their order history

woman in DriveThru

2. Personalized interactions

Past orders are noted and upsells suggested based on AI patterns

3. Speedy completion

Improve customer´s experience and builds brand loyalty

You get: Increased ROI. Accurate orders. Faster service. Happier customers.

Order of a customer

FASTHRU®: Customer easy

  • No extra marketing costs
  • Easy integration with apps or interactive screens
  • Reduces wait time and offers order suggestions

The point: Our readymade FASTHRU® system speeds your business.

Drive thru technology eliminates speedbumps

When minutes and convenience count for your customers, count on FASTHRU®`s simple, effective solutions.

  • Provides users a safe and easy ordering system
  • Speeds orders and payments with our vehicle recognition system
  • Offers purchase history for reorder and upsell options
  • Boosts brand loyalty with personalized interactions

The point: We make it easy for you to grow your business.

Why FASTHRU® from Jenoptik? Expertise. Quality. Value.

40 years ago, Jenoptik led the development of vehicle recognition technology with our Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solution. Today,
Jenoptik’s proven in-house experts continue to innovate with FASTHRU®. For your business, FASTHRU® means results: increased ROI, improved
customer experience and builds brand loyalty.

Our FASTHRU® services include complete installation and maintenance of your FASTHRU® equipment as well as the associated hardware and computer hardware.

We analyze data to improve the customer experience by offering a turnkey solution that integrates your existing POS system with our specially developed FASTHRU® software and hardware.


Technical specification

Predictive customer analytics engine

Predictive customer analytics engine utilizing deep learning to analyze past orders, predict future orders and opportunities to upsell:
  • Fully functional, web-based back office system, providing storage, matching and reporting of ALPR and customer data
  • Customer data stored on highly secure PCI compliant cloud sever

Cameras for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Purpose built cameras for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) paired with in-house developed artificial intelligence ensures high read accuracy of license plates in all lighting and weather conditions:
  • Resolution: 2-5 MP
  • Field of view: up to two full lanes of ALPR capture
  • Illumination: controlled pulse infra-red LEDs
  • Physical: up to 2,9kg (excluding mounting bracket)

Multiple connectivity options

  • Cellular: Full 4G via internal wireless module to externally mounted camera antenna
  • Ethernet: Wired LAN 10/100 baseT Ethernet connection via primary camera connector
  • Wi-Fi: WLAN (Wi-Fi) module to externally mounted camera antenna

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