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Sophisticated stationary traffic poles for reliable traffic monitoring in all locations

The poles on which your traffic monitoring system is mounted protect the whole system against damage and vandalism. The measuring equipment can easily be removed and relocated using the special lifting mechanism.

Jenoptik poles for stationary traffic monitoring are both flexible and secure. The housing is fitted to the pole using a special locking mechanism to provide optimal protection against theft or vandalism. The lift pole makes it possible to lower the entire system to its working height and back up again with minimal effort. 

Jenoptik can provide you with the right components for any stationary traffic monitoring situation. Your red light monitoring system at a secluded measuring station can be protected against theft or willful destruction, by mounting the system on an anti-vandalism pole. The lift pole is particularly suited to stationary systems that are regularly moved around to different locations. The pole can be moved up or down with minimal effort in order to remove or install the monitoring system. All measuring parameters can easily be adapted to your working height. No ladder is required, saving time and increasing user safety.

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