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Tilting Technology: Faster and More Comfortable Rail Journeys

Thanks to its precise stabilization technology, the tilting system for trains enables higher speeds on bends and greater comfort for rail travelers.

Jenoptik Tilting Technology: enables higher speeds on bends and greater comfort for rail travelers

The tilting technology used in the NEICODRIVE-E® product range from Jenoptik makes train journeys faster and more comfortable. The stabilization system responds with speed and precision, allowing trains to reach higher speeds on bends. At the same time, the tilting movement of the railcars is extremely gentle. Travelers save time while enjoying greater comfort.

The NEICODRIVE E® is a fully tilting system that boasts precise and responsive control. Trains can be monitored and steered digitally. The CAN bus connection communicates reliably with the control system. The stabilization system is highly efficient and consumes minimal energy.

The sophisticated tilting technology from Jenoptik has already been successfully deployed in various train types around the world.


  • Faster journey times: Trains can travel through bends at higher speeds
  • Comfort: Travelers experience a gentle tilting motion thanks to the high response speed
  • Efficient: The tilting system uses very little energy
  • Flexible: The technology is ideal for different train chassis and energy consumers
  • Compact: The system has a very space-saving design
  • Standard compliant: NEICODRIVE-E® meets global standards, including EN 50 155 and EN 50 128

Fields of Application

  • Railway technology: The tilting system enables higher speeds and greater comfort

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