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Jenoptik Alternators: Efficient Power Supply for On-Board Systems and Traction Motors

Each Jenoptik alternator impresses with its high level of efficiency and power density and is extremely reliable.

Jenoptik Alternators: Efficient Power Supply for On-Board Systems and Traction Motors

Alternators and Electric Generators

Jenoptik alternators efficiently convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Our on-board system alternators, direct current alternators, and traction alternators are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, providing you with a reliable and low-maintenance power supply on board railway vehicles and other commercial vehicles. They also serve as a efficient power supply of traction motors in railway vehicles.

We offer all standard alternator types such as separately excited or permanently excited synchronous machines, asynchronous machines, and direct current machines. They offer an output power of up to 3000 kW and convert energy with a high degree of efficiency in the smallest of spaces. The output voltage can be freely defined for ranges of up to 3600 V DC or 2700 V AC.

Jenoptik also specializes in customized alternators that are perfectly tailored to your requirements: we finely adapt the electrical and mechanical parameters to match your application. We optionally supply single or dual bearing alternators as required. You can also choose whether the alternator is cooled with air, oil, water, or water-glycol. With fire protection certification in accordance with EN 45545, the alternator can be perfectly integrated into your existing systems.


  • Flexible: Easily integrate the alternators into existing systems.
  • Energy-efficient: Save fuel thanks to the high level of efficiency.
  • Tailored: Customer-specific designs, features, and configurations possible.
  • Obsolescence management: Spare parts available for a period of over 30 years.
  • Reliable and cost-optimized: High availability, minimal preventive and corrective maintenance costs.
  • Advanced: Jenoptik alternators are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.

Fields of Application

  • Railway technology, transport industry, commercial vehicle manufacturers: Power supply for on-board systems and traction motors in railway vehicles.

Choose an alternator matching the requirements for your application:

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