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Integrated Optical Amplitude Modulator: Modulate Light with High Frequencies

The integrated optical amplitude modulator influences the amplitude of laser light very fast and with high dynamics.

Amplitude modulator
The Jenoptik integrated optical amplitude modulator is a fiber-coupled electro-optical light modulator. It uses the Mach-Zehnder interferometer principle in waveguides, enabling you to transmit signals with particularly high modulation frequencies up to the gigahertz range. We offer modulators for wavelengths in the VIS and IR spectral range for this purpose.

With the standard version of the integrated optical amplitude modulators, the light is coupled in and out using polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers. You can also configure the light modulator with other fiber systems or connectors.


  • Powerful: High optical power stability and extinction ratios
  • Fast: Broadband modulation into the gigahertz range
  • Versatile: Can be used at a variety of wavelengths in the VIS and IR spectral range
  • User-friendly: Couple in and couple out laser light easily via optical fibers and connectors
  • Customized: Custom-made components to meet your requirements

Fields of Application

  • Analog modulation with high dynamics
  • Digital modulation
  • Generate short pulses
  • Shape pulses
  • Exposure technology
  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • Pick pulses

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