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Full-fused silica objective lenses offer minimal absorption and are ideal for high-power and short-pulse applications.

Silverline F-theta lens

Silverline™ F-theta objective lenses from Jenoptik have been specially developed for applications that use high-power and short-pulse lasers. They are fused silica objective lenses that offer minimal absorption for extremely powerful lasers. The F-theta objective lenses in the Silverline™ series are available for applications from 1030 to 1080 nanometers, from 900 to 1100 nanometers, 355 and 266 nanometers.

The objective lenses are diffraction-limited and provide a high level of image quality. They also offer a significantly higher damage threshold and a high spot consistency over the entire scanning range. The Silverline ™ objective lenses can handle a beam power of up to four kilowatts without active cooling. They guarantee a minimal focus shift for extremely powerful lasers. We offer the F-theta objective lenses as a standard selection or can adapt them to meet your exact requirements.

The F-theta Silverline™ lens 170-355-140 in the wavelength-range of 355 nm. It has a maximum telecentric angle of just 4.9 degrees and a highly homogeneous spot size distribution across the whole of the 100 x 100 mm work area. This large processing area, in combination with the diffraction-limited image quality, allows for increased throughput in comparison with standard lenses available on the market. We can ensure the level of precision necessary here by means of the high-quality optics employed, a new patented mounting technology.

Each objective lens undergoes a standardized application testing procedure. This guarantees highly consistent optical properties throughout series production.

Find the right F-theta lens suitable for your application.


  • Extremely durable: Thanks to special, low-contamination mounting technology, avoidance of adhesive and lubricant and assembly in a certified cleanroom
  • Highly precise
  • Efficient: No active cooling required at a beam power of up to four kilowatts
  • Customized: Available as a standard selection or adapted to your individual requirements
  • Series stability: Comprehensive testing guarantees replaceability in the field

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: E.g. industrial production of components
  • Medical technology: E.g. objective lenses for focusing and redirecting laser beams in ophthalmology
  • Solar cell manufacturing: E.g. optics for edge removal and P1, P2 and P3 structuring
  • Semiconductor manufacturing: E.g. marking semiconductor chips
  • General applications: E.g. glass machining, battery welding

Product Overview & Downloads

F-Theta-Objective Lens
Order NumberData Sheet (DB)
STEP (STP)Zemax-Blackbox (ZIP)
160-1030...1080-110*** 1030...1080
017700-025-26DB *-025-26STP *-025-26ZIP *-025-26
161-1030...1080-71 - NEW 1030...1080 660149DB 660149STP 660149ZIP 660149
255-1030...1080-160*** 1030...1080 017700-026-26DB *-026-26STP *-026-26ZIP *-026-26
423-1030...1080-360 1030...1080 609120DB 609120STP 609120ZIP 609120
160-900...1100-110 1)
900...1100 601787DB 601787STP 601787ZIP 601787
255-900...1100-160 1)
900...1100 601804DB 601804STP 601804ZIP 601804
423-900...1100-360 1)
900...1100 628951DB 628951STP 628951ZIP 628951
115-515...540-71 515...540 624103DB 624103STP 624103ZIP 624103
163-515...540-92 - NEW 515...540 659612DB 659612STP 659612ZIP 659612
55-355-21 355 605678DB 605678STP 605678ZIP 605678
103-355-71 355 017700-402-26DB *-402-26STP *-402-26ZIP *-402-26
125-355-75 355 628956DB 628956STP 628956ZIP 628956
510-355-431 355 017700-405-26DB *-405-26STP *-405-26ZIP *-405-26
255-355-240 355 017700-406-26DB *-406-26STP *-406-26ZIP *-406-26
170-355-140** 355 586840DB 586840STP 586840ZIP 586840
103-266-71 266 017700-601-26DB *-601-26STP *-601-26ZIP *-601-26

JENar®:Registered in EU, CN, JP, SG, US | Silverline®:Registered in DE, JP, SG, IN
F-Theta: Registered Design in EU, CN, KR, JP, SG, IN, HK, TW| Utility models in DE, CN, KR |
Patent in US, CN: US8879171B2, US9442272B2, CN103323932

** F-Theta 170-355-140: Registered Design in DE, 40 2016 000 911.4 | Design appl. pending for CN, EU, JP, KR, SG, HK, IN, TW
Patent pending DE 10 2016 008 176.7 | Utility patent DE 20 2016 004 165.8
***Registered / pending - Utility patents - in DE, CN, KR | Patent pending DE 10 2016 008 176.7

1) Product variants for NIR diode lasers of Silverline™ F-Theta lenses.
Coating is specified for 900 nm…1100 nm instead of 1030 nm…1080 nm for the broader spectrum typical of diode lasers.

The values given are nominal values for the specified application parameters. Jenoptik provides Zemax ® BlackBox files for simulating application results for customized parameters (e.g. wavelength, scanner geometry, beam diameter, ...).
Back working distance, Flange focus distance, and focal length vary by ± 1.5 % due to manufacturing variances.


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