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Waveline Nanoscan

The Nanoscan measuring instrument offers two systems in one — for rapid roughness and contour measurement in the nanometer range.

Hommel-Etamic nanoscan - For rapid roughness and contour measurement in the nanometer range

The optomechanical measuring system is extremely precise with a high resolution of 0.6nm for the finest surface roughness with a wide measurement stroke of 24mm and a probe length of 200mm. It can reliably measure even the smallest tolerances. This is why the system is used in applications such as the manufacture of slide, rolling and ball bearings, where maximum precision is required.

In combination with the up/down measurement, the nanoscan can be used for a wide range of measuring tasks:

  • Measuring gothic arcs
  • Roughness measurement on curved surfaces
  • Measurement of the smallest roughness intolerances
  • Cone angle measurement: Thanks to the up/down measurement, the absolute cone angle can be measured with maximum accuracy
  • Comparison of target/actual forms with powerful evaluation options in the software

The measurement run is largely automated. The system detects which probe arm is being used and automatically sets the measurement conditions accordingly. The probe arms are attached to the measuring instrument magnetically. This means they can be changed quickly and safely. Jenoptik offers suitable probe arms for every measuring task. The measuring system can also be easily extended so that it is precisely tailored to your individual requirements.

The Nanoscan 855 even offers two measuring systems in one, making it is ideal for all measuring tasks in the field of surface metrology. The instrument saves time and is cost-effective.


  • High precision: Optomechanical measuring system that is extremely precise and reliable.
  • Saves time: Measure roughness and contour characteristics simultaneously.
  • Automated: Probe force and measuring conditions can be set independently.
  • Flexible: Change probe arms quickly and safely.
  • Versatile application: Thanks to the wide range of probe arms.


  • Bearings industry: Roughness and contour measurement in the manufacture of slide, roller and ball bearings.

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Technical data

Z-axis measuring range/resolution:                 24 mm/0.6 nm or 48 mm/1.2 nm

Measuring principle:                                               Optomechanical measuring system, tactile measurement

Probe force:                                                                Electronically adjustable

Probing direction:                                                    Upward/downward

Traverse unit measuring range/resolution:  200 mm/10 nm

Straightness accuracy:                                          ≤ 0.4 µm/200 mm


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