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The Waveline T8000RC Measuring Instrument: Two Different Probing Systems for Contour and Roughness Measurement

The Waveline T8000RC: two different probing-systems for contour and roughness measurement.

The Waveline T8000RC measuring instrument comprises a roughness and a contour probing system.

Hommel-Etamic T8000 R - Easily tailor to your measuring tasks

The WavelineT8000RC measuring instrument comprises two different probing systems: one for roughness measurement and one for contour measurement. With the T8000RC, you can perform complex contour measurements with a wide measurement stroke. We also offer a wide range of roughness probes and accessories for various applications. As an option, you can also capture and evaluate 3D parameters.

A sleeve is used for the roughness measurement. This ensures that the probe is able to perform measurements precisely and reliably even in difficult-to-reach areas. With the digiscan model, the contour measurement probe arm is attached to the system with a magnetic holder, making it is exceptionally easy to change. This ensures that you always use the right probe for each measuring task, and allows you to flexibly extend the measuring range.

Even with its extensive range of functions, the measuring instrument still offers intuitive operation. The measurement run is automated. The roughness and contour characteristics are evaluated via a user interface, and documented in a joint report.


    • Digital contour measurement: Digital glass scale for precise results
    • Universal application: Can be used for roughness and contour measurement
    • Automated measurement run: Probe arm rises and falls independently
    • Flexible: Probe arms are easy to change


    • Automotive industry: Measure the roughness and contours of workpieces

Technical data

• Evaluation computer with 22" TFT flat screen, CD burner
• Evaluation software for roughness and contours
• PDF printing with automatic save function
• wavelift 400 measuring column with motorized vertical adjustment
• waveline 120 traverse unit with incremental linear measuring system
• Tilting and support unit for traverse unit with rough (± 45°) and
fine adjustment (± 5°)
• Granite plate 780 x 500 mm with 10-mm T groove
• TKU 300/600 probe set including four probe rods
• FHZ probe holder
• RNDH2 roughness standard with Ra approx. 1 µm and Rz approx. 3 µm
• wavecontour digital or digiscan contour probe incl. probe arm with carbide tip
• Calibration set
• MT1 XYO measuring table for holding the workpieces

• Certified qs-STAT interface (AQDEF)
• Special parameters in accordance with VDA and Daimler standard
• Twist measurement: Rotation traverse unit for roughness measurement in peripheral direction and twist software
• Topography measurement: Motorized Y positioning table and HOMMEL MAP software for displaying and evaluating 3D parameters
• wavecontrol basic control panel
• KN8 contour standard
• GTR instrument table


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