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Optical Measuring and Test Systems

vision system

Vision Technology

Optical measuring and testing technologies have conquered countless new areas of application in the last three decades due to rapid technical progress and today enable fast and increasingly complete quality monitoring in production.

Our powerful camera-based measuring and inspection systems support the realization of complex optical inspection tasks. The systems are used from 100% inline inspection in high-speed processes with high part throughputs to automated 3D inspection of complex formed components in the metal and plastics industry as well as in additive manufacturing.

In addition to individual and standardized industry solutions for 2D and 3D inspection, we also offer OEM components for integrators for the flexible and scalable integration of our hardware and software in a wide range of machine concepts.

Manufacturing control in in-line and off-line processes

Depending on the requirements, our system solutions are used for part testing in the measuring room, in the production-related area and directly in the production line for permanent process monitoring and optimization of the manufacturing process. Thus the systems contribute significantly to the implementation of a error-free production. Optical measuring and testing technology seamlessly monitors and optimizes the production process, saves valuable time, costs and resources and provides the necessary information to be able to intervene at an early stage in case of problems.

Typical inspection tasks

  • 100% inspection with up to 100 parts per second
  • High-precision contour inspection in the production process
  • Position detection
  • Presence, completeness and position control
  • Inspection of surface with Deep Learning
  • Color Control
  • 3D Digitizing and Reverse Engineering
  • GD&T
  • Target actual comparison to CAD
  • Classification of components
  • Statistical process control
  • Data management

Fields of application

  • 100% production inspection of punched strips for process monitoring
  • Good/bad sorting of bulk material
  • Stamped part inspection and sorting in the tool
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • First article inspection for tool release
  • Automated, series inspection of samples
  • Surface inspection of manufactured parts and continuous goods

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