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Laser Distance Sensors for long measuring ranges and millimeter accuracy

With laser distance sensors from Jenoptik, you can measure and monitor distances and positions from 200 millimeters to three kilometers accurate to a few millimeters, and at sample rates in the micro seconds. Non-wearing, without contacting the measured surface.

Laser Distance Sensors for long measuring ranges and millimeter accuracy
Our laser distance sensors - also known as laser rangefinders - can be used to monitor or measure distances, object lengths, provide positional location, and determine fill levels from a few centimeters up to three kilometers without ever physically touching the object. These distances are measured with accuracies of up to a single millimeter at a cycle rate of several milliseconds. The object measured can be a solid, liquid, energy absorbing or radiating hot body, or even in motion. Measurements on natural surfaces with low reflectivity are also possible.

The laser distance sensors offer you considerable flexibility, for example when it comes to positioning work pieces in production processes or crane systems in an extensive container warehouse or harbor. You can measure distances and positions even in bright surroundings, as well as measure fill levels and calculate speeds.

The laser distance sensors are robust and deliver precise and reliable results in harsh industrial applications. A range of various measuring methods such as phase comparison and the time-of-flight measuring principle are adopted to ensure this is the case: These methods are extremely reliable and are not susceptible to interference.

The compact footprint and standard interface connection options makes these units ideal for integration into your automation and process control program. The units have RS232, RS422, RS485, Profibus, SSI, digital switching and analog output allowing the sensor to readily adapt into existing and new automation systems. The ruggedized housing enables placement where needed – even in harsh industrial environments.


  • Powerful and fast: Measure distances of up to three kilometers with up to 30 kilohertz.
  • Flexible: Measure solid and liquid surfaces, either moving or stationary, radiating hot or cold.
  • Accurate and efficient: Measure with millimeter accuracy and in a non-wearing, non-contact fashion.
  • Reliable and robust: Dependable use in a wide range of harsh industrial environments.
  • Easy to integrate: Simple to install thanks to standard interfaces and compact construction.

Fields of application

  • Automation: Level measurement, process control.
  • Industrial metrology:  Non-contact distance, length, and height measurement.
  • Transport and conveyor technology: Distance and height measurement accurate to the millimeter, vehicle detection
  • Steel production and rolling mills: Process control, detection, position and thickness measurement for slabs.
  • Scanning systems: Rapid distance measurement.

Technical facts overview: Laser distance sensors

Product series
Range on
Range on
natural surfaces
LDM 7x
270 m
70 m (10% refl.)
60 mm
40 kHz
RS232, RS422
LDM 5x
200 m
85 m (6% refl.)
3,9 mm
100 Hz
RS232, RS422, RS485
Profibus, SSI, analog
LDM41/42/43150 m
30 m
3 mm
10 Hz / 50 Hz possible
RS232, RS422,
Profibus, SSI, analog
LDM3013000 m
300 m (80% refl.)
60 mm
2 kHz / 10 kHz possible
RS232, RS422,
Profibus, SSI, analog
LDM3023000 m
200 m (6% refl.)
60 mm
100 Hz
RS232, RS422, analog
LDS30250 m
30 m (10% refl.)
50 mm
30 kHz
RS232, RS422, analog

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