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Pneumatic metrology delivers consistent, standard-compliant production results

Pneumatic metrology detects minimal tolerance deviations and thus guarantees the consistently high quality of your workpieces.

Gageline pneumatic metrology

In the field of pneumatic metrology, air jets are applied at a specific distance to your workpiece. A differential pressure measurement is then performed to check the quality of your workpiece. Not only is this method extremely reliable and accurate, but the jets are also resistant to dirt. Examples of pneumatic gauging components are snap gauges, ring gauges and air spindles. They are extremely robust and thus ideal for use in tough production environments.

In addition, the pneumatic procedure is extremely accurate and reliable, thereby ensuring the consistently high quality of your production output. Moreover, your workpieces will comply with the stringent standards and guidelines of the relevant industry. The pneumatic metrology from Jenoptik takes the form of manual gauges, simple fixtures or complex measuring machines.

To display and analyze the measurement results, you simply connect the device to a pneumatic display unit or a measuring computer. Our experts can also provide you with tailored, customer-specific solutions to tackle even the most complex measuring tasks.


  • High-precision: Extremely accurate measuring procedure.
  • Wear-free: No contact between the jet and workpiece.
  • Robust: Operates even under the harshest manufacturing conditions.
  • Standard-compliant: Pneumatic procedure detects even the smallest faults.


  • Automotive industry: Quality assurance of various components.

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