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Thermal imagers from Jenoptik: Quickly identify and precisely locate threats

These compact, multi-functional thermal imagers can be used to observe, identify and locate potential threats, even in poor visibility conditions.

Jenoptik NYXUS BIRD thermal imagers identify and locate threats

The multifunctional NYXUS BIRD thermal imagers and military targeting devices are used for reconnaissance, target acquisition and measurement. Thanks to the sevenfold magnification direct view glass optics and high-resolution infrared camera, you can accurately observe your surroundings both at day and night and identify potential threats at an early stage. High resolution LWIR (long wave infrared) thermal imaging technology – also known as Forward Looking Infrared, FLIR – ensures that you can obtain crystal-clear images even in total darkness, smoke or poor weather conditions. Additionally, the 7x magnification direct view glass optics allow for increasing the observation range of high-resolution night vision goggles.

The handy devices are equipped with a laser rangefinder, a digital magnetic compass and a GPS module. These components enable you to determine your own position and exact coordinates ot the observed target. The observation and reconnaissance systems provide a range of different measuring functions for exact target measurement. At the same time, the devices are extremely compact, small, lightweightand energy-efficient, making them ideal for hand-held and mobile use.


  • High level of measuring accuracy: Accurately locate threats, even over long distances, at day and night.
  • Small and lightweight: The devices are optimal for mobile use, easy to carry and operate.
  • Fast: Device is ready to use (for both infrared observation and measurement) within a few seconds.
  • Long battery life: Ideal for autonomous operation and mobile use with low battery costs (cost of ownership).
  • Customer-specific: Adapt device functionality to your requirements.
  • Sophisticated, mission-proven technology: The Jenoptik thermal imagers for reconnaissance and target acquisition are used internationally for many years, for various missions.

Fields of application

  • Infantry and artillery: Observation, orientation, and reconnaissance. Detection, identification, and localization of threats.
  • Police, homeland security, and border control: Observation and identification.

Choose an observation and target acquisition device that matches your requirements:

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