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Laser rangefinders for mobile and stationary systems

Our laser rangefinders quickly and precisely measure the distance to non-cooperative targets, even under the most difficult measurement and visibility conditions.

Laser rangefinders from Jenoptik deliver fast and precise distance data while at the same time offering a long measuring range – even in difficult measurement conditions. Even with poor visibility and in extreme temperatures, the devices quickly and reliably measure the distances to non-cooperative targets. This enables you to assess situations immediately and respond to threats quickly and in the appropriate manner.

The extremely small and lightweight diode laser rangefinder modules from the DLEM series are ideal for integration into handheld devices, while the powerful solid-state laser rangefinders from the ELEM series can be used in your stationary and mobile systems, covering long measuring ranges of several kilometers. Thanks to their compact construction and standard interfaces, all of the modules can be integrated into customer systems with ease.

Our laser rangefinders operate with a wavelength of 1.54 – 1.55 micrometers. The devices are eye-safe and cannot be detected by conventional night vision devices equipped with image intensifiers. All DLEM, ELEM and NYXUS Rangechecker units stand out with a lightweight, compact, and robust construction.

For decades, Jenoptik has been an expert in the field of laser technology, optics, electronics, and mechanical systems thade make up a laser rangefinder. With our laser rangefinder modules, we supply the essential components of compact military multi-sensor-platform solutions and, thanks to our combined expertise, we are one of the leading manufacturers in this sector. Our products are put to successful use around the world.

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