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JenLas® femto femtosecond lasers for the highest processing quality

Jenoptik´s ultrashort pulse lasers impress with precision and perfect beam characteristics.

Product preview of femto laser JenLas femto 10

The femtosecond lasers of the JenLas® femto series can be reliably and effectively used in industrial micro material processing. They are extremely robust and offer perfect beam parameters and pointing stability. They can be used for high-precision cutting, drilling and structuring with a minimal heat-affected zone. This allows you to achieve repeatable results of the highest quality and prevents expensive post-processing.

The ultrashort pulse lasers are based on proven disk laser technology. They are equipped with an integrated fast beam modulator and a frequency doubler. These enable you to use the same beam output for both the IR and green spectral range. The pulse repetition rate and pulse energy can be set individually.

Even small structures and difficult materials can be processed cleanly and precisely using the high-power femtosecond laser. Femtosecond pulses remove the material before thermal diffusion into the bulk occurs. In combination with the excellent beam characteristics, you can therefore achieve sharp edges and prevent micro-fissures, burrs, melting and delamination. The ultrashort pulse laser can be intuitively controlled from your computer. It can be easily integrated into  systems and rarely requires maintenance.

Our experts will be happy to support you in evaluating your process quality and productivity, producing sample parts and integrating the laser into your machining systems. To do so, we make use of our own application laboratory and a network of independent system integrators and mechanical engineers. You can use our customer service for JenLas® femtosecond lasers worldwide.


  • High precision: Process small structures and dimensions cleanly.
  • Powerful: Easy to use with challenging materials.
  • Cost-saving: Reduce effort on post-processing.
  • Robust: Developed for continuous use in industrial micro material processing.
  • User-friendly: Simple integration into new and existing systems and intuitive operation.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive: Drilling holes for filters and injection nozzles.
  • Micro material processing: Fine cutting of medical stents, filigree or functional components such as gearwheels or electrical contacts.
  • Photovoltaics: Selective removal of thin layers.
  • Glass, Sapphire: Crack-free cutting and drilling, internal glass marking.

Application examples of the femto laser series

Technical Specifications of the femtosecond laser

  • Pulse duration: 550 ± 150 femtoseconds
  • Average power: > 10 W, 16 W
  • Maximum pulse energy: > 50 µJ, 80 µJ
  • Beam quality: M² < 1.3
  • Adjustable pulse repetition rate: 200 to 500 kHz, 100 to 300 kHz
  • Fast beam modulator for complete pulse control: Pulse picking/pulse-on-demand ("on-the-fly"), Burst mode ("step & repeat"), Pulse energy reduction
  • Wavelengths switchable using software: 1030 nm, 515 nm (optional), same beam output
  • Interfaces: RS232 (other comm.interfaces on request), GUI, parallel user interface, clock interface
  • Laser head cooling with external water/water or air/water cooler
  • Ambient temperature range: 15 – 35°C


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