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Invisible predetermined breaking points using precise laser perforation 

The patented laser perforation process from Jenoptik enables you to integrate precise, functionally reliable and invisible predetermined breaking points in plastic components in just one process step.

3D Graphic Laser Perforation

3D Graphic Laser Perforation

This sensor based laser perforation process meets the highest requirements in terms of precision, safety, and aesthetics, allowing manufacturers to process components quickly and controllably. In one simple step, predetermined breaking points can be created in vehicle airbag covers that are invisible to passengers, eliminating unwanted visual features present on interior vehicle components.

This specially developed sensor technology from Jenoptik is so precise that predetermined residual wall thicknesses can be retained. Each individual processing point is monitored during the perforation process and compared against a corresponding parameter value that can be reliable archived for traceability purposes.

Unlike less efficient mechanical processes, laser perforation is 100% non-contact and does not induce any mechanical stress on the material. Type, distance andcontour of the holes can all be set according to your requirements, specific to the material currently being processed, making laser processing ideally suited for plastics, textiles, or leather. The process is also very clean as byproducts generated are immediately extracted and cleaned.


    • Flexible: Exact and invisible predetermined breaking points in a wide range of materials thanks to precise sensor technology.
    • Economic: Process multi-layered materials in just one process step.
    • Non-wearing: Non-contact processing minimizes maintenance and spare parts costs.
    • Variable: Increased flexibility in terms of component design.
    • Safe: Monitored and traceable process for safety-related components.

    Fields of Application

    • Automotive industry: Predetermined breaking points for airbag covers in the vehicle trim.

    Product Recommendation: Laser Perforation System by the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® A Serie

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