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Stabilized Carrier Platforms: Compensate for Movements and Continuously Track Targets with the Sensor System

With a stabilized carrier platform from Jenoptik, you keep sight of your target, even if there are turbulent environmental influences.

Stabilized carrier platforms for sensors and weapon systems

Jenoptik develops and produces compact, stabilized carrier platforms for sensors and weapon systems. The advanced stabilization technology ensures that the sensor mounted on the platform or the weapon remains perfectly aimed at the target, even if there are significant movements. As such, the devices are ideal for ground vehicles used to travel over uneven terrain.

Stabilization technology from Jenoptik is used both in the military and in the civilian sectors: Our stabilized carrier platform is optimized for your specific requirements and vehicles.

What's more, our experts offer outstanding application expertise across all system boundaries – along with extensive customer support services. You receive a complete system offering maximum stabilization performance that will make an optimum contribution to your security.


  • Precise: Keep sensor and weapon systems precisely aimed at a target even if your own platform moves.
  • Integrated: Use with existing systems without any problems.
  • Technologically sophisticated: 45 years of experience in the field of mechatronics.
  • Customized: Standard products perfectly tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Application engineering: Outstanding stabilization performance thanks to our understanding of the entire system.
  • Durable: Benefit from our after sales and spare parts service.

Fields of application

  • Defense and security technology: Platforms provide optimum compensation for movements.
  • Military ground vehicles: Keep a target in sight despite your vehicle's own movement.

Stabilized ANTPack carrier platform

Jenoptik Stabilized ANTPack carrier platform: Optimum weight and platform ratio

Stabilized ANTPack carrier platform: Optimum weight and platform ratio

The compact universal ANTPack carrier platform can be used for loads of up to 350 kg. The platform has been specially developed by Jenoptik for stabilizing rocket launchers, barrel guns or laser weapons, as well as sensor components. It compensates for the turbulent movement of your own vehicle with a high level of precision. The elevation is stabilized between -20° and 180° in a quick and precise process.

What's more, the platform is exceptionally light and has a very low silhouette. This makes it ideal for mounting on vehicles with a low net weight, which only allow a small payload. If the load is mounted eccentrically, excellent stabilization properties can also be achieved, ensuring a very high level of efficiency.

We can also adapt the protection level of the ANTPack to meet your individual requirements, so you can ensure your systems have the optimum equipment.

Stabilized ANTPack mini carrier platform

Jenoptik ANTPack mini carrier platform: Extremely fast stabilization

ANTPack mini carrier platform: Extremely fast stabilization

The ANTPack mini carrier platform from Jenoptik is a small and compact solution. This platform is ideal for small loads of up to 20 kg and provides fast and accurate stabilization. Any existing loads can be integrated into the system without any problems.

With a net weight of just 18 kg, the ANTPack mini is ideal for use on very light vehicles. In this case, the platform is powered directly by the engine (direct torque motor). The elevation is stabilized between -90° and 100°.


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