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Transformers, converters and electrical components for the demand-based power supply of your equipment and vehicles

Power electronics such as voltage regulators, converters and voltage transformers to adapt voltage and current in line with the requirements of your vehicles and systems.

Jenoptik DC/DC Converters convert a DC voltage into a DC voltage with a higher or lower voltage level

Power electronics, such as transformers and converters, adapt electrical current or electrical voltage from different sources in line with specific consumers, for example to supply power to on-board systems and electronic systems or to operate electric motors and drives.

Opt for transformers and converters either as subsystems or as stand-alone components: We offer both adjustable, standardized units as well as individual systems tailored to meet your requirements. Our transformers and converters operate with a high level of efficiency and reliability.

Our voltage regulators can be used to stabilize an operating voltage to a predefined setpoint value. The various types of bidirectional converters convert direct current into alternating current, and vice versa, while unidirectional inverters generate AC voltage from DC voltage. Voltage transformers vary the voltage level of direct current.

Regardless whether it is a voltage regulator, converter, inverter or voltage transformer, you can rely on our expertise in the field of power electronics. We work with the latest development and production tools. Our technological expertise and practical experience has made us a proven partner in national and international projects over many years. Our converters are available within quick turnaround times and are ready for immediate operation. Our customer support specialists will provide both you and your systems with long-term support around the world.


  • Customized: Adaptable standard components and systems tailored to your requirements.
  • Sophisticated technology: Benefit from our proven expertise in the field of power electronics.
  • Small and robust: High level of performance in a compact and robust design that is easy to integrate into your equipment and systems.
  • After sales service: Jenoptik customer service will take care of your maintenance, upgrades and spare parts management worldwide.
  • Easy upgrades: Using our transformers, converters and electrical components, you can quickly bring your equipment and vehicles in line with state-of-the-art technology.

Fields of application

  • System houses, vehicle manufacturers and the aviation industry: Electric power supply and conversion for military vehicles and platforms.

Voltage regulators

Jenoptik RPP 264 voltage regulator: stabilize the operating voltage to defined setpoint values

Voltage regulators

Jenoptik voltage regulators stabilize the operating voltage to defined setpoint values. Our voltage regulators range from simple analog regulators to fully digital, configurable regulators.

Our voltage regulators are primarily used in the supply of 28 V on-board systems fitted in military land vehicles. For aviation engineering, we also offer components for a voltage of 115 V and 200 to 400 Hz.

RPP 264 voltage regulator

The RPP 264 digital voltage regulator can be used as a universal regulator for various direct current alternators. The device can be adapted to new project requirements and alternators using the system software. A CAN bus interface makes it easy to access the RPP 264 and establish links with other components and systems in your vehicle.

The housing of the RPP 264 is extremely tough, and meets the requirements of the IP68 protection class.


Jenoptik converters:meet the toughest requirements


A converter changes the alternating current produced e. g. by a starter generator into a stabilized high-voltage direct current. This converted current can subsequently be used to power on-board DC systems.

The converter is set up as an H-bridge. In rectification mode, it converts stabilized 750-V DC voltage into variable AC voltage, for a high-voltage on-board system, for example. In inverter mode, it transforms DC voltage into AC voltage, as a starter to drive a starter alternator as amotor, for example. It can also support the starter generator for a short while to provide a boost mode.

Our converters meet the toughest requirements: The robust, water-cooled cast housing meets the IP67 protection class. Excess current monitoring ensures the all-phase disconnection of the DC outputs in the event of a fault. The converters are equipped with EMC filters and meet the stringent requirements of military standard MIL-STD 461F.


Jenoptik Inverters convert DC voltage into AC voltage


Inverters convert DC voltage into AC voltage. One special type of inverter is the grid-forming inverter. This type of inverter uses a 750-V DC voltage to create a symmetrical three-phase voltage grid (230/400 V, 50 Hz or 115/200 V, 60 Hz) capable of handling unbalanced loads. Using a grid-forming inverter, systems in military vehicles can be supplied with power in the same way as field hospitals and field kitchens.

The grid-forming inverter from Jenoptik is characterized by its high power density and features an integrated LC filter for an optimum output voltage. Consumers with a capacity of up to 100 kVA can be supplied using a single device. The inverter is also capable of handling unbalanced loads and allows for the connection of single-phase consumers with a capacity of up to 20 kVA.

Potential separation, as well as corresponding measures for protecting the line, must be considered when supplying external consumers.

The grid-forming inverter also features a CAN bus interface to facilitate communication.

DC/DC Converters

Jenoptik DC/DC Converters convert a DC voltage into a DC voltage with a higher or lower voltage level

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC converters convert a DC voltage into a DC voltage with a higher or lower voltage level. The components from Jenoptik are designed for use in high-voltage systems and are ideal for use in military land vehicles. Our converters are characterized by their extremely high power density and can be networked with other devices via a CAN bus interface.

28 V DC/DC Converter, modular systems

The 28 V DC/DC converter is a bi-directional DC converter with potential separation. The device combines the 600/750 V and 28 V voltage levels, enabling you to use the high-voltage on-board system to charge the vehicle's 28 V batteries, for example. In military vehicles equipped with starter generators and alternator converters, it is possible to start the combustion engine using the 28 V on-board system.

What's more, thanks to military-grade EMC filters and connectors, the stringent requirements of military standards MIL-STD 461E and MIL-STD 1275B are met in full.

DC/DC 100 Converter

The DC/DC 100 converter is a bidirectional converter without potential separation. The device combines the 750 V and 375 V voltage levels, enabling you to connect high-voltage batteries to the high-voltage on-board system to increase your vehicle's utility value by providing hybrid functionality.


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