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Power Conversion for Air Defense Systems

Converting electric power from various sources to meet power requirements of modern air defense systems.

Jenoptik rotating converters or frequency converters to convert electrical energy precisely for your machines

Power generation for an air defense system typically consists of a diesel engine driving an alternator integrated into a stand-alone system that interfaces with the main components of the weapon platform. In certain situations – training, fixed emplacements, or for fuel saving, for example – commercial power may be used to power the air defense system. Since most air defense systems operate at 400 Hz, they cannot simply be plugged into a standard mains line. Power conversion hardware for frequency conversion – power electronics, static converters, or rotating converters – is required to adapt the 50/60 Hz frequency of commercial power supplies for  the air defense system.

Power conversion hardware can be implemented as stand-alone systems or may be integrated into the power supply system of the air defense platform. Jenoptik is providing both flavors of such power conversion systems.

When it’s about electric power, Jenoptik is your experienced and reliable partner

Jenoptik’s core expertise includes the development and production of various types of electrical generators and alternators as well as the development and production of different kinds of power conversion systems – ranging from power electronics to electrical machines like motor generators, or rotating converters for frequency conversion. Both alternators and power converters form a vital link in the overall power solution that is required by modern air defense applications.

More than four decades of experience make Jenoptik a specialist company in the field of electric power generation and power conversion for many kinds of civil and military applications. Get in touch with us!


  • Highest power density with minimal space requirements
  • Energy efficient and fuel-saving
  • High availability, reliable performance, minimal maintenance costs
  • Customizable and easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Complete, tailored systems from a single supplier


  • Air defense systems
  • Military platforms and installations
  • Facilities and infrastructure

Power Conversion Solutions for Patriot Air Defense System

Rotating converter for Patriot power supply

Rotating converter for Patriot Air Defense System, supplying RS, ECS, ICC und CRG with power from external mains

Rotating converter for Patriot air defense system

For the power supply of the Launchig Station (LS), Radar Set (RS), Engagement Control Station (ECC), Information Coordination Central (ICC), and Communications Relay Group (CRG) using external commercial mains 50 / 60 Hz power supply

Rotating converter specifications

  • RCS and ECS power supply:
    150 kW, 208/120 V, 400 Hz (187.5 kVA, cos phi 0.8)
  • ICC and CRG power suppply:
    30 kW, 208/120 V, 400 Hz (37.5 kVA, cos phi 0.8)
  • LS power supply:
    15 kW, 208/120 V, 400 Hz (18.75 kVA, cos phi 0.8)


Pariot hybrid power supply with commercial mains interface

Hybrid Energy Supply System for Patriot Air Defense System, showing SuperCaps module, alternator / genset, and commercial power interface

Hybrid power supply with integrated power conversion for commercial mains

Hybrid power supply with integrated static converter

A Diesel-electric genset with SuperCaps-based hybrid module and static converter with commercial power interface for the power supply of Patriot Launcher Station (LS)


  • Hybrid generating set: three-phase synchronous alternator, permanent-magnet-excited,
    5 kVA, 208/120 V, 400 Hz, driven by a Perkins water-cooled Diesel engine at 3,600 rpm 
  • Integrated static converter: commercial 50/60 Hz power interface,
    10 kVA, 208/120 V at 400 Hz output frequency
  • Super Capacitors (SuperCaps) module for the absorption of peak loads:
    the Diesel genset needs not to be designed for all expected peak loads,
    e.g. mission mode or engine start.
    SuperCaps module enables temporary operation in "Silent Mode".

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